Armed command rescues prisoner in Oaxaca when he was going to receive medical attention

An armed commando rescued an inmate from the San Francisco Tanivet state prison, Oaxaca, while he was preparing to receive medical attention in a hospital near the men’s prison, about 40 minutes east of the capital, in the Central Valleys region.

According to police versions, the custodian responsible for the accused, identified as Ignacio CH, “Nacho” or “El Hondureño”, stated that one of the subjects pointed a handgun at his head and stripped him of his cargo armament.

Later, armed civilians they took the detainee away in a closed van, with an unknown direction.

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The elements in charge of the transfer, in compliance with a judicial authorization, were insured by State Investigation Agents and presented before the State Attorney General’s Office to render their statement, likewise, the internal affairs area of ​​the Ministry of Public Security (SSPO) also intervened.

In this regard, Dalia Baños Noyola, head of the SSPO, confirmed the removal of the male, originally from Irapuato, Guanajuato, former member of the criminal group “los Z” in Minatitlán, Veracruz, while receiving medical attention in a private clinic, located in the same demarcation where the Tanivet prison is located.

Due to the above, state security forces, in coordination with their federal counterparts, organized the search in the main entrances of the surrounding areas to achieve the capture of the inmate and his accomplices.


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