The color scheme helps to choose the right makeup colors

“And what season are you from?”

If you don’t know what to answer this question, you probably haven’t followed the color scheme, one of the biggest trends that have spread in Italy in recent years. A method that has fascinated thousands of people, influencing personal stylistic choices related to their own wardrobedetermining which colors of clothes are suitable for a person and which are not, to expand now also to make-up. In the same way, in fact, makeup can enhance a person more, if thought and chosen in compliance with rules of the color schemethat chromatic harmony that characterizes each of us and that makes us belong to a certain season.


It is a system created in 1961 by Johannes Ittena Swiss professor of the Bauhaus School of Art in Germany, who wrote “The Art of Color”, a book where he illustrated an innovative theory of color based on two main characteristics: the color temperature (hot or cold) and intensity (light or dark).

Starting from the first differentiation, Itten divided the colors into warm and cold shadesincluding in the former those with a yellow base, and in the latter those with a blue base.


Based on this method, four named categories were created seasonswhich represent the color families to which it belongs: winter, Autumn, summer And spring. To these four seasons are also added further subgroups, focused on brightness. To understand what season it is, you have to start from some basic notions. Such as the undertone of the skin (warm or cold), the chromatic value (the intensity of the colors), the contrast (to be created between the colors worn and the colors of hair and eyes), the intensity (from which the sub-categories of the seasons start, such as Soft, when the image is delicate, or Intense, when on the contrary the intense colors enhance the face).


“This method, when applied to make-up, is actually even more important than that of fashion and accessories”, says Rossella Migliaccio, Italy’s leading expert in armocromia and founder of Italian Image Institutethe first Italian institute entirely dedicated to image consulting. “These are colors that we apply directly to the face, so it is important to choose them in such a way that they enhance us, even more than a shirt or an accessory”.

Rossella Migliaccioin collaboration with Sephora, has created a color harmony consultancy service called ARMOMAKE-UPspecialized in defining the client’s season of belonging and in suggesting i right make-up colorstogether with a very wide selection of products in the most suitable shades, directly available in the store.

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