Summary Pachuca vs Tigres (2-1): The Tuzos hunt the Tiger!

Hidalgo Stadium /

Pachuca was confirmed as the team that best plays in Mexican soccer. The Tuzos completely nullified tigers who arrived as leader and on a roll and with a 2-1 victory thanks to a double by Victor Guzmanthose of William Almada They are installed at the top of the classification, surpassing the felines by two units.

those of Almada were better than the Louse Herreraand despite the fact that they had in Nahuel Guzmán a wall under the three sticks the little the team was thrown on his shoulder and with two goals he extinguished the great performance of the Argentine that if it were not for him, the scoreboard in favor of the Tuzos it would have been wider.

Nahuel He stopped all kinds of balls that came close to his goal, but despite that, the Albiazul team did not lose hope of piercing their nets and they achieved it in the second half through a goal from Victor Guzman who appeared at the second post completely alone to open the scoring.

The momentary triumph was a fair reward for the Tuzosthe ball was in their possession for most of the game and they also put Nahuelcausing tigers did not have more than a couple of flashes in the first half that never made tremble to Ustari.

When Pachuca played better, a defensive mistake by the Tuzos gave to Luis Quinones the possibility of tying the score. The Colombian pushed the ball before a bad mark from the defense and a bad start from Ustari.

The game was not meant to end even, Pachuca understood that they could get the three points if their imagination was not exhausted to go to the front and when the tie seemed to be defined, the Pocho Guzman with a goal. The one from Tonalá, Jalisco with a half turn inside the area beat Nahuel.

Pachuca It is a leader, the soccer they display is the best there is today in Mexican soccer and the victory against one of the best in the tournament, such as tigersconfirms him as the main candidate for the title ahead of the Liguilla del Closure 2022.

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