Cristiano Ronaldo marries Georgina Rodriguez: the details of the wedding. Photo and video

The announcement was made by the Spanish press. The wedding preparations have already begun, even if the date is still top secret. Meanwhile, the record salary that CR7 passes to his girlfriend to be a mother almost full time is revealed …

After six years together, the time has come. And even the bachelor par excellence of the sports world capitulates and gets married. Cristiano Ronaldo brings to the altar his Georgina Rodriguez, model, influencer with 30 million followers, mother and entrepreneur. The Spanish tabloid Ok Diario says it for sure, according to which the preparations have already begun and the wedding will probably be celebrated in Madeira, Portugal, the island on which the Manchester United champion grew up – photo | video

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THE PERFECT PARTNER – Marriage has been in the air for some time. In the Netflix documentary Soy Georgina, dedicated to the model, the footballer said: «I am 100% certain that I will marry her. I always tell her that when everything is in order in our lives, it will happen. It could be in six months, a year or a month. ‘ She confessed that the decision “does not depend on me” and that she has long been waiting for Ronaldo to kneel with a ring in his hand. Evidently now it has happened: “Georgina is the perfect partner for a Christian and he asked for her hand, but they have not yet revealed the date of the ceremony,” writes the Spanish newspaper.

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SALARY – Meanwhile Rodriguez is mainly a mother. He has a 4-year-old daughter, Alana Martina, born from the relationship with CR7, and also looks after Ronaldo’s three children (from surrogate mothers), Cristiano Jr, 12, and the twins Eva and Mateo, 4 as if they were her own. revealed she is pregnant with twins For sure, she has a lot to do, but her partner pays her adequately. She passes her a dizzying “salary” every month: 100 thousand euros for the care of the children and for herself. Her mother-in-law also approves of the union. “She is a great support for my son – confirmed Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores – she is the mother of my granddaughter and she will surely be my daughter-in-law”.

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THE LOVE STORY – Georgina, 28, comes from a small Spanish town, Jaca. She has worked as a waitress and au pair babysitter in Bristol, Great Britain. She was a dancer for many years, then she went into fashion. And it was in the Gucci store in Madrid, where she worked as a saleswoman, that she met the footballer. Their love story began there, continued slowly and became public in 2016. It is certainly the most important relationship of Ronaldo after the one with the model Irina Shaik, which ended in 2015 after five years of love.

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