‘Brazen’ violation of the law can annul the revocation consultation, warns Córdova – El Financiero

The irregularities that have surrounded the mandate revocation consultation, such as the violation of the rules by officials that have motivated up to 172 complaints before the National Electoral Institute (INE) could lead to the cancellation of the exercise if so determined by the judicial authority, he warned Lorenzo CordovaCEO, at a press conference.

He recalled that once the election day is over, the district calculations will begin, the results of which will be sent to the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF), so that it can rule on the exercise.

“What belongs to the Upper Room? Make the corresponding decisions.

“And hopefully the irresponsibility of the political actors who systematically, repeatedly, maliciously and openly, are blatantly violating the law, does not eventually result in the Superior Chamber deciding to annul this process.”

That would be, he said, the worst sanction for a democratic process.

The president counselor compared the 172 complaints that have arrived, in just five months, compared to the 269 that aroused the entire 2021 electoral process, which lasted nine.

Of those, 25 have to do with the alleged use of public resources.

Counselor Ciro Murayama, a member of the Complaints Commission, explained that of this accumulation, 25 precautionary measures have been issued, of which five have gone to the President of the Republic; four, to the Legal Department and the spokesperson for the presidency; three, to the Head of Government of Mexico City.

In addition, precautionary measures have been issued against 29 governors and 61 senators.

Among them are the complaints against Adán Augusto López Hernández, Secretary of the Interior, who allegedly used a National Guard plane last weekend to promote the exercise.

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