On the day of the Medicine Intern, the Coppel Foundation donates furniture to the General Hospital of Culiacán

On the day of the Medicine Intern, Fundación Coppel delivered a donation of furniture to the General Hospital of Culiacán.

Total 22 bunk beds, 44 mattresses, 11 desks and 100 chairs were provided for the rest area of ​​the medical students who carry out their residencies in the hospitalas well as to equip a waiting room to contribute to the educational training and rest of the health team.

In this regard, the Secretary of Health of Sinaloa, Héctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda, thanked the foundation for supporting the state health system with this equipment, which will be of great support for the good of the residents of the Hospital.

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“We are all very important, a stretcher bearer plays a very important role, a hospital administrator plays an extremely important role, officials, trusted people also play a very important role, interns play a very important role for us and the residents, of course we are interested in improving working conditions so that there is more performance, so that there is more quality, so that there is more warmth in what is the care of our patients, that is why we support each other, as a government not we can alone”, commented Cuen Ojeda.

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