Marcelo Flores amazes the Uruguayan press after friendly

Football player Marcelo Flores of the set of Arsenal in the English Premier League, amazed the media in Uruguayan lands, when the U-20 Mexican National Team faced the Uruguayan team in a series of two friendly matches last date FIFA.

This young Aztec attacker has been one of the greatest promises of Mexican soccer for some years, becoming part of one of the historic teams of English soccer and where he was close to debuting this Monday, when he was summoned by Mikel Arteta to the first team.

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In these cases you always have to keep your distance, obviously it’s still a project and you have to see how it can be performed, but this type of player, when you see how easy it is to get rid of your rivals or how spicy to play, reminds you of those outbursts that youthful Messi had, for example, that always come to mind in this type of case”, were the words of the reporter Nico Musetti for the ESPN portal.

In a series of interviews conducted with Uruguayan journalists by the ESPN Mexico network, they highlighted the great qualities that Marcelo Flores has and, keeping their distance, compared him to Messi when he started at Barcelona.

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Other journalists assured that the dribble of the Mexican attacker is very similar to that of the Argentine star, when they saw him in these two games of the tour of the Mexican Under-20 team of coach Luis Pérez against Uruguay where they won 2-1 and 3- 2, in addition to a 2-2 draw against Peñarol.

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