Gianni Infantino proposes that in Qatar 2022 the matches last 100 minutes

Looking ahead to the next World Cup, Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, proposes that the game time be modified and go from lasting 90 minutes to 100

Giani Infantinopresident of the FIFA, analyzes implementing that the parties of the World Cup Qatar 2022 last 100 minutes and not 90 as originally done, according to information published by Corriere dello Sport. Said proposal, which would be to favor the show, would make two times of 50 minutes be played instead of the 45 minutes that each part of a match lasts.

The Italian media published this Wednesday the idea that the president of the FIFA to increase the show in the next world Cupbecause he considers that, if the games are increased to 100 minutes, the duels will have more spectacle, in addition to the fact that the spectators, whether in the stadium or on television, will be favored by the downtime that there is in a match.

“They pay for the 90 minutes, not the 50 troops in which they play”, were the statements of Infantine published by the Italian newspaper.

The note details that the five changes per team that are allowed in each match since the Covid-19 pandemic may be a factor that leads to matches lasting 100 minutes and not 90 as originally handled.

Said modification would not be the only one that would be implemented for the Qatar World Cup 2022because the Italian media reports that it is also analyzing to start the automatic offside, which would be based on the technology used for the Hawk Eye so that the flag bearers are informed through a clock if a footballer is ahead.

The next few months will be key to knowing if these modifications will be applied, the same ones that would be applied in the world Cup which will begin on November 21 and end on December 18, the day on which the grand final of the contest has been agreed.

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