Fortnite on trial: a choreographer and YouTuber sues the Battle Royale for stealing a dance

Fortnite has a lot of dances, but where did they come from? Apparently it is a plagiarism to a choreographer and YouTuber, who will sue the popular Battle Royale. Know the details here!

It is known that Fortnitethe famous Epic Games Battle Royalepresents an infinity of skins, emoticons and dancesbut What are they inspired by? Recently there were problems for this shooter due to a request for a youtuber and choreographer who claims part of the intellectual property in one of the dances in the video game.

The youtuber in question is Kyle Hanagamiwho has a channel with more than 4.5 million subscribers. There, the choreographer created a dance in 2017 with the song “How Long” by Charlie Puth, a video that has more than 35 million views since then. Precisely this is the video that generated the anger of Hanagami for the alleged theft of Fortnite in his dance “It’s Complicated”.


This happened last Tuesday, when the content creator appeared at the federal court for the Central District of California to present your case. In protest of him, Hanagami alleges that Fortnite he plagiarized the “hook” of her dance, something they evidently did without her consent.

And if that was not enough, Hanagami has the copyright of the dance in question, something that could weight the scales in your favor. In any case, and despite the fact that both the choreography and the beginning of the dance of Fortnite are identical, the way plagiarism is interpreted in a creative space like dance is something very subjective. It is seen that this is something that the lawyers of HanagamiWho they created a video showing this robbery shot by shotsight.

This is not the first time Fortnite has to deal with accusations of plagiarism, although it is something that has not happened for a long time. The last time was in 2018, the year the game received several requests but where they all ended with failures in their favor.

Fortnite is currently going through chapter 3 of season 2, where the dr strange he opened a portal that took him to the island. On the other hand, the game Epic Games lost its most characteristic appearance: the constructionsso you won’t have to snack on anything for a while.

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