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The new Anvil Rocket Launcher is used to finish off tanks and other vehicles in Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite. Depending on the rarity, the rocket launcher will deal 600 to 610 damage to vehicles (100 to 110 for players). That’s pretty significant, especially against a car that can only have 800 health.

An important feature of the rocket launcher Fortnite is that he can pursue his target. Tanks don’t have a lot of speed, so the hit is almost certain, but what if the player tries to get away with a Lamborghini?

the youtuber Kobes Shorts did the test to find out if the rocket launcher is infallible or not. While one player drove the vehicle at full speed, the other aimed and fired the Anvil Rocket Launcher.

FORTNITE | Anvil Rocket Launcher Test

The first test ended without incident, although the rocket hit another vehicle that was on the road, so they decided to completely clear the path at Tilted Towers to try again.

The second test showed that the vehicle can escape traveling at 108 miles per hour. That’s extremely fast and enough to outrun the rocket.

For the third and final test, players decided to go ahead and lock the rocket before driving. This time, the rocket went off as the car started to move. Since it was already locked, the rocket was much closer to the car to begin with.

The announcement “Missile on the way” appeared on the screen almost instantly when the car reached its top speed. The chase went on for a while, but the car eventually exploded losing 610 health.

In short, the Anvil rocket launcher can reach the top speed of the Lamborghini only if fired at the same time. Otherwise, the vehicle comes out safe.

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