Gallos returns to La Corregidora and prepares coexistence to compensate vet

The roosters From queretaro they can’t receive to their amateurs at The Corregidora Stadium; However, the directive already works in a new protocol from security for harbor the games What local in the historic building without having to play in another stadium.

Jose Antonio Nunez, new president of white roosters, talked with halftime of this plan so that the team play to door closedbut with the initiative to create a 360 experience for the followers that already they cannot go to the standsdue to the Liga MX veto and carry to the players, literally with the followers.

What happened on March 5 oblige to establish new standards organization of the event, in both men’s and women’s, in the two scenarios we have. Jointly with the participation of the authorities and private security companies that work and have their establishments in the city (we go) to present to Link quickly and timelyto (the protocol) and guarantee the development of the matches in order to to think on return to corregidor and guarantee the event of a football match,” Nunez said at halftime.

“Specifically, the answer would be: this generates a new order for us and I have to make it known to the League, so that we can work on it and think about returning to La Corregidora.”

Núñez announced that they also outline a plan for to train on Public spaces or Do activities with the community from Queretaro and live together with the amateurs.

“We can’t use the stadium, so we’re thinking on go with the amateurbut if they can’t come to our house, maybe we can go to theirs. I have all our people working in a plan from how to reach people and be in a dynamic contact and be aware that probably we can literally be at homein their sources jobon Public spaces of the townthe courts from training of the city,” he said.

“Perhaps being in a federal school that we can visit them and do the training there, take part with us commercial allies to be related with they. My limit is not using the stadium, so I can use the other square meters of the city and the state to be close to them”.

They seek to ensure the proper functioning of the institution

The March 5th a group of amateurs from roosters put together one brawl against followers from Atlas in the stadium the corregidor. the situation left 26 people hospitalized and the images went around the world because of the impact of the fight.

The directive for now works on to guarantee that the contracts of all the institutionbetween male and female players and workers.

my main job is to guarantee the functioning, honor the contracts that everyone has, be called players, players, sponsors, the administrative staff that helps us collaborate in the institution”.

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