Death Anniversary: ​​Divya Bharti did this big deal before death, what happened with the actress a few hours before she died

Divya Bharti, who made her mark in Bollywood with superhit films in a short time, had said goodbye to this world on 5 April 1993 at the age of just 19. Actress Divya Bharti’s film career may have been short but in this short journey she did about 12 films and most of her films were hits. It is said that the graph of Divya’s career was reaching heights very fast in the 90s, but Honi had something else to accept. Suddenly the news of Divya Bharti’s death shook everyone from the industry to her fans. Divya Bharti died due to falling down from the balcony of her house, but the reason behind this is not known till date and the mystery of her death has not been solved till date. Even today, there are many questions in the minds of people whether Divya’s death was murder or suicide. Know what happened before Divya Bharti’s death.

Divya Bharti started her acting career in the year 1990, but in just three years everything changed completely, it is the year 1993, when this year became the last year of her life. In 1993, Divya’s only three Hindi films Kshatriya, Rang and Chess were released. Divya Bharti had a successful career and married life in her short life. She was married to director-producer Sajid Nadiadwala.

Divya Bharti and Sajid Nadiadwala met on the sets of Govinda’s film Shola Aur Shabnam and fell in love after that. The couple got married on 10 May 1992. Divya had also converted to Islam to marry Sajid and questions were also raised on Sajid after his accident. There were many discussions behind Divya’s sudden death, some people called it suicide and some called it murder. At present, even after investigating for many years, when the police could not reach any conclusion, the case was closed in 1998. But what happened before Divya’s death?

It is said that Divya Bharti was very happy before her death, because if reports are to be believed, she had finalized the deal for a four BHK apartment for herself that day. It is said that Divya had also told her brother Kunal about this good news. On that day, Divya returned to her home after finishing her shooting from Chennai. It is said that at that time his leg was also injured. Divya was with her friend and designer Neeta Lulla and her husband on the fifth floor of Tulsi Apartments in Versova, West Andheri, Mumbai, at around 10 pm when the incident took place. The trio were talking sitting in the living room and it is said that during this time they were also having a drink.

Apart from these three, Divya’s maid Amrita was also present in the house at that time. While talking, Amrita went to the kitchen to do some work at around 11 o’clock in the night and at that time Neeta was watching TV with her husband. At the same time Divya Bharti went towards the window of the room and from there she started talking to her maid in a loud voice. There was no balcony in Divya’s living room, but it was the only one with no grill. This window was wide open, with a parking space beneath it, where many vehicles were often parked. However, there was no car parked there that day.

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