Azma Fallah Duped 50 lakhs: lock upp Azma Fallah reveals her secret that she looted strangers and duped them of rs 40 to 50 lakh

Contestants have to share their secrets to stay in lock up. Whose name appears in the chargesheet, he has to hear the deep secrets of his life in front of everyone. In such a situation, the show’s wildcard entry Azma Fallah Duped 50 lakhs also told some shocking things for not being evicted. She told that she used to work on social media apps. where she robbed strangers. Used to cheat 40-50 lakhs (Azma Fallah Looted 50 Lakhs) from them. According to him, he never got the full amount as some amount was deducted. Also revealed in front of Kangana Ranaut that she used to extort money from people by lying.

When the show’s host Kangana Ranaut asked what she talks to strangers, Ajma revealed that those strangers who wanted to be friends with new people and were rich people, she used to lie to them and extort money from them. Then the actress asked him about his lies, what he used to tell people. On this Ajma said, ‘The condition was not good in my family earlier. My aunt also had cancer, whom I supported the most. So he used to support my aunt also and I was the only earner in my family.

Strangers did such support
Ajma further said, ‘Earlier I used to earn very little like 10-20 thousand. It just did not cost so much for my family. So by telling a lie that my family needs this, that is the need and I used to speak the truth too and people supported me for my truth also because people knew that I am alone. I am small and there was no source of income anywhere in my house. Anything for money and my mom and dad also have diabetes. And I want him to have the best treatment in the best hospital in Pune. Even my Khala who have died of cancer, I also supported them a lot in cancer. She came to my house alone. Even my maternal grandmother’s mental health is not good, so I take care of her too.

Parents are unaware of this act
Ajma told that her parents do not know about this that she cheats people for money. All they know is that they earn through social media. Ajma confesses that her family members are not aware that she earns money by talking to strangers. Kangana said that ‘circumstances decide a lot in our life’. And I hope people don’t judge Ajma for this.’

azma fallah

Ajma Fallah made a shocking disclosure in front of Kangana.

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