SURVEY: PlayStation gamers exercise more than Xbox gamers

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Decades pass and, unfortunately, the negative stereotypes that surround video games and gamers persist to this day. One of the most common is the one that dictates that players do not perform athletic activities, so they have a terrible physical condition. Of course, generalizing is wrong. Thanks to the rise of social networks, we have seen people who, despite enjoying a good gaming session, usually go to the gym.

Now that we know that there are thousands of gamers who do care about their health and exercise regularly to stay in shape, it is inevitable to ask ourselves which console has the most athletic users. Fortunately, a recent survey gives us the answer to this and other questions.

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Who are the most athletic gamers? Survey reveals

The website buzz bingo was given the task of conducting a survey of 1,000 UK gamers to find out which gamers exercise the most when not in front of a video game console. The results of this project are very interesting and will surely generate controversy in the comments section.

Thus, the survey states that PlayStation players are those with the best physical condition, since 44.8% of those surveyed stated that they go to the gym between 1 and 5 times a week. For their part, Xbox users are in second place on the podium with 28.1%.

Image via Buzz Bingo
Image via Buzz Bingo

Next, 9.6% of mobile device users said they engage in physical activity, while Nintendo Switch gamers are in fourth place at 8.6%. Surprisingly, PC gamers are the least athletic, with only 8% saying they go to the gym at least once a week.

Now, who are the strongest players? The interesting survey buzz bingo reveals that PlayStation users who participated in the survey tend to do weightlifting (58.33%) and push-ups (51.56%), while 43.77% also prefer sit-ups.

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On the competitive side, only 25.33% of Xbox gamers tend to do pushups, while 13.33% do weightlifting. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch players tend to prefer resistance exercises such as deadlifts (75.39%).

But tell us, are you surprised by the results? Do you usually go to the gym? What exercises do you do in your training sessions? Let us read you in the comments.

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