Ram Charan: 41 days of hard practice, bare feet reached the audience, this is the secret of Ram Charan’s black clothes

The entry scene of Telugu superstar Ram Charan in the film ‘R.R.’ was shot in the midst of a crowd of thousands. The struggle of Ram Charan, who became a police officer to catch a special freedom fighter in the police, who came to besieged the police station of the British government, is raising the heads of the cinema lovers and in the climax of the film, Ram Charan is wearing saffron like Lord Shri Ram to shoot arrows. Only the one who has seen the feat can know its effect. But, for the success of this acting sadhna, Ram Charan is doing another sadhna these days with the release of the film. Ram Charan reached barefoot to watch his film ‘R.R.’ with the audience at Gaiety Theatre, Mumbai. Everyone was shocked to see such a big star barefoot in the audience. Actually Ram Charan is in the middle of a difficult practice of 41 days, let us tell you about it.

When Ram Charan reached Gaiety Theater in Mumbai, one thing attracted everyone’s attention. This was Ram Charan’s outfit. Ram Charan was seen here in a black kurta and pajama. He also had a saffron colored cloth in his hand and a Rudraksha garland around his neck. Actually, Super Star Ram Charan has always been a devotee of Ayyappa Swamy and he has been going to the temple with ‘Mala’ for many years. It is called Ayyappa Mala by the devotees.

Wearing the Ayyappa garland is actually a part of a sadhana. During this, devotees wear black clothes. Wearing a garland made of small Rudraksha. Walk barefoot. This sadhna continues for 41 consecutive days and during this time devotees eat only vegetarian food. After the completion of this sadhna, devotees visit the Ayyappa Swamy temple in Sabarimala, Kerala and conclude this ritual. According to the information, Ram Charan has been following this ritual faithfully since the age of twenty. He observes this ritual twice a year with full devotion. During this, he also keeps sandalwood on his forehead.

The audience watching the film ‘R.R.’ became uncontrollable after finding Ram Charan in their midst. During this, a crowd of thousands gathered outside the Gaiety Theater in Bandra to see him. People kept crushing his feet and he kept smiling. From the police avatar of Ram Charan to the incarnation of a freedom fighter in the film, people are unable to take their eyes off him. When the audience saw him walking on fire in saffron guise with bows and arrows, they started shouting slogans of Jai Shri Ram.

After a decline of four days in the first week after Monday, the collection of the film ‘RRR’ is now seeing an increase day by day. The Hindi version of the film crossed the Rs 200 crore collection at the box office on Monday. On this success of the film ‘RRR’ Hindi, a grand party has been organized in Mumbai on Wednesday in which all the stars associated with the film and famous people of Hindi film world will attend.

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