Prabhas: Prabhas got an invitation from Hollywood to become a superhero, Ram’s character in ‘Adipurush’ is discussed abroad

The growing threat of South Indian stars in other states of the country is being heard far away from Hollywood. Hollywood studios, which are choosing the stories of their films according to the Indian market, have been giving place to the stars of Hindi films in their films, but now their attention has gone towards South Indian cinema for the first time. If all goes well, ‘Baahubali’ series superstar Prabhas may start working as a superhero in a mega-budget Hollywood film ahead of the release of his next pan-India film ‘Adipurush’.

After the failure of his last film ‘Radheshyam’, Prabhas has been rarely seen in public events. But, he is not celebrating it with any regret. Prabhas still has the work of few super mega budget films of Indian cinema. He is doing director Nag Ashwin’s film with Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone. With the director of the film ‘KGF’ Prashant Neel, the post production work of his film ‘Saalar’ is also being completed fast. Apart from this, he also has a film director Sandeep Vanga Reddy.

But, the film which is being awaited by the audience across the country and across the world is the film, ‘Adipurush’. And sources tell that the form of mighty Ram in this film that Prabhas has played, its discussions have reached Hollywood. Prabhas’s look in director Om Raut’s film is considered to be bigger than his ‘Bahubali’ avatar. Prabhas has worked hard for this film and it is going to be the first Hindi film which will be dubbed in the main languages ​​of the country as well as in the languages ​​of all the countries of the world, where the stories of Ram are in some form or the other. As is going on.

After inputs from the post production team of the film ‘Adipurush’, information about a veteran Hollywood studio contacting Prabhas recently has come to the fore. Nothing has been said about this from the studio till now but sources tell that Prabhas has got an offer to play an Asian superhero in this film. Marvel Studios’ previous film ‘Eternals’ also featured a character who is working as a hero of Hindi films.

The studio, whose name is coming out behind this proposal received by actor Prabhas, plans to create content according to the cinematic market of India, China, Singapore and Korea in the coming times. Most of the business of films is done in this region followed by China in Korea and then in India. There are only about nine thousand screens in India, while in China their number is said to be around 60 thousand. It is because of Prabhas’s films and his own growing acceptance outside the country that he is getting Hollywood offers.

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