Lionel Messi and the only Mexican he would not like to face in Qatar with El Tri

Messi and the player who does not want to face him in Qatar
Messi and the player who does not want to face him in Qatar

Lionel Messi will face Mexico in November with his Argentine team, in the second match of Group C, El Tri will have to fight against the albiceleste ghosts. On the other hand, the Flea would not want to face a Mexican in particular.

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Just as it happened in the Copa América final, when Lionel Messi faced Neymar and pointed out that he would not have liked to win it against a great friend, the same thing could happen now if Santiago Giménez reaches the World Cup in Qatar.

The Cruz Azul striker has a good friendship with Lionel Messi, all thanks to his father, Christian Giménez, who gets along wonderfully with the Argentine star. Lio has even given him a t-shirt, in addition to sending him messages for his birthday.

What does Lionel Messi think of the match against Mexico?

The Argentine team is clear that the second match against Mexico is key to taking the lead in the group where it apparently looks very good for the Argentines, but where Mexico and Poland can surprise.

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