Fernando Ortiz, the key to three games without a goal against for the Eagles

The defense continues to consolidate itself as the strongest area of ​​the America since Ferdinand Ortiz I take the reins of the team, after leaving the helm of Santiago Solari. And it is that in the last three games, the Eagles have not received a goal.

El Tano reorganized the team from the back to the front, and it has paid off handsomely. In the National Classic against Guadalajarakept the zero behind and drew the scoreless tie from Akron Stadium.

Against Toluca in the Aztec stadiumdefined with three goals from the first half, and in the complementary part it was just a matter of holding on to close with a 3-0, being his most convincing result so far.

Ortiz has imprinted a mystique on the azulcrema club

And on Saturday at the Victoria Stadium in Aguascalientes, William Ochoa and company avoided all year possible, and at the end of the match, the Chilean Diego Valdes He gave the victory to the Eagles who seem to take flight.

As a good central defender that he was, Ortiz knows in detail the movements that his players must make to avoid being hurt. The bad news for the azulcrema team was the injury to the Rayos of the leader of the defense, the Paraguayan Bruno Valdez.

The seriousness of it is still unknown, but the Guaraní had established himself as the undisputed starter for Tano, and it looks very complicated that he could be there for Day 13 when the Eagles receive the sotanero Bravos de Ciudad Juárez.

The team has three games without conceding a goal

That is why America will have to reach out for the next commitment of the Spanish Jorge Meré, or Jordan Silva so that one of the two partners in the center with the Uruguayan Sebastián Cáceres, due to Valdez’s injury.


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