Exathlon Mexico: Confirmed! Who wins La Fortaleza TODAY, Monday, April 4?

The Exatlón México keeps all viewers on the edge of their seat, especially now that the final of the All Star edition is approaching, which will leave the absolute champion in the history of reality as the winner. In this tenth week of competition, it will be known who wins the Duel for La Fortaleza and for the Golden Shirt, which gives many benefits to those who wear it, and this time it will be key.

As has been seen in the preview and known through the spoilers, it will be a good week for the reds, at least at the beginning, because as elimination Sunday approaches, things are going to get complicated, to the point of unleashing a rebellion in one of the teams for an apparent betrayal. But we will have to wait to see the surprises that the best sports reality show of recent times holds.

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