the kapil sharma show video: Video: Kapil Sharma asked Yashpal Sharma what is the biggest disadvantage of being a villain of Bollywood says girls don’t come close to me while clicking photos This is the biggest loss, Yashpal Sharma said – girls do not come close to click photos

Today is the birthday of Kappu Sharma i.e. Kapil Sharma. A new promo (The Kapil Sharma Promo Video) of the show of Kapil Sharma, who has become India’s biggest comedian, has been released. Which is really funny. A new promo of The Kapil Sharma Show has surfaced from the channel’s official handle. In this video it has been known that which guests are going to come this time in the comedy show. This weekend you will get to see the biggest villains of the industry in the show, which the audience used to tremble on seeing. Those villains ruled the industry for many years not by becoming a hero but as a villain. Yes, this week actors like Ashish Vidyarthi, Mukesh Rishi, Yashpal Sharma and Abhimanyu Singh will be seen in the show.

In the promo video, Kapil Sharma asks actor Yashpal Sharma what is the biggest disadvantage of becoming a villain. The spot answer given by him on this does not take the name of the audience to stop laughing. Yashpal Sharma says on this question that the biggest disadvantage of becoming a villain is that girls do not come near me to get the picture clicked. Hearing this, Kapil Sharma and Archana Puran Singh burst out laughing loudly.

On the other hand, Kapil Sharma jokes with actor Ashish Vidyarthi about his vlog. He says that Ashish ji also makes vlogs. Whenever they go to eat food in the restaurant, they share the video from there. So my question is, do you really do this for the sake of video or to save money.

Kapil Sharma Birthday: Rejection, dream and pain, those unheard truths of Kapil Sharma’s life, he has stumbled from door to door, Comedy KingSince when is The Kapil Sharma Show closing? The team told the whole truth of this news
A video of Kapil Sharma’s birthday celebration has also surfaced on the channel. Sapna i.e. Krishna Abhishek brings cake on stage and celebrates Kapil Sharma’s birthday. Kapil Sharma is seen celebrating his birthday with these villains of Bollywood.

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