sanjay dutt as adheera in kgf chapter 2: Sanjay dutt as adheera in kgf chapter 2, help him to solid comeback in film industry know 3 reasons in saturday superstar- why sanjay dutt’s career will turn upside down due to impatience of KGF chapter 2, Know these three reasons

After Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ and Ram Charan – Jr NTR’s ‘RRR’, the movie which has created the most buzz. This is Yash’s ‘KGF Chapter 2’ (KGF Chapter 2 Release Date). Meaning its trailer has created a ruckus as soon as it arrives. However, this time along with the character of Rocky (Yash as Rocky in KGF Chapter 2), the character of Adheera (Sanjay Dutt as Adheera) is also in discussion. Sanjay Dutt looks absolutely top class villain in a long braid and black leather getup. On seeing his look, the first thing I personally remembered was the Kanchachina of ‘Agneepath’. Because in that too Sanju Baba’s makeover happened in such a way that he looked clean but very dreadful. And in this film to be released on April 14, he is looking fierce.

By the way, Sanjay Dutt is such a superstar in the world of Indian cinema, in whose 40-year film career, not only on screen, but also in his personal life there were many ups and downs. From ‘Rocky’, ‘Naam’ and ‘Khalnayak’ to ‘Vastav’ and ‘Agneepath’, he gave one-on-one superhit films on screen. But not once, but many times such a period also came, when it seemed that the rising sun of Sanju Baba had set. Even at present, after ‘Son of Sardaar’ in 2012, he is longing for a hit. Now will this film be able to spark his declining career or not, will Adheera’s character be able to give him the hype that every actor is looking for or not, today we will know this in our special segment Saturday Superstar.

Before Yash, Sanjay Dutt became ‘Rocky’
Sanjay Dutt’s father Sunil Dutt was one of the legendary artists of his time. Sanjay also wanted to be like him. Although Sunil Dutt was against Sanjay Dutt becoming an actor in 1979 itself. He felt that he was too young and that he should enter this field after finishing college. Sunil Dutt used to think that if Sanjay is still with people of his age and under college professors, then he will be able to become a good person. Because in the future, the film producers will not care about his personal life. But Sanjay Dutt’s friends had put this thing in his mind that he is the son of a star, so he should become a hero of Hindi films. When Sanjay returned from school one day, he talked to Nargis about this and expressed her desire to become an actor. When Sunit Dutt heard, he told Sanjay that he can do whatever he wants. But he has to take proper training to become an actor. Then he got admission in Roshan Taneja Acting School. Where he learned acting. Then Sanjay Dutt made his Bollywood debut with the 1981 film Rocky. Tina Munim was also seen with him in this. In this, Sunil Dutt played the role of his reel father. was the first film. The story was good. Got hit. Meaning, this film made in 1.2 crores did business of 6.4 crores worldwide.

Sanjay Dutt’s early films were not special graph
During the shooting of the film Rocky, his mother and actress Nargis fell victim to a major disease like cancer. At the same time, Sanjay Dutt also started getting addicted to drugs. The actor had become so addicted to him that he hid the drugs in his socks while going to Kashmir for the shooting of his debut film. However, he was later treated and he started recovering a bit. However, his films did well. The 1982 film Vidhata was a blockbuster. Another film was released in the same year, titled Johnny I Love You, but it was a flop. After this, back-to-back films like ‘Bekarar’, ‘Main Awara Hoon’, ‘Mera Faisal’, ‘Zameen Asmaan’, ‘Do Dil Ki Dastan’, ‘Jaan Ki Baazi’ could not show their wonders at the box office. After this, he did cameo in films like ‘Mera Haq’ and ‘Jiva’ which came in 1986.

Sanjay Dutt was eager to give a hit
Sanjay Dutt acted in the film Naam in 1986. She was cast by Mahesh Bhatt in this film. It was produced by Kumar Gaurav. After several flops in five years of Sanjay Dutt’s film, this film gave the sinking Naya the form of a steamer and crossed the fray. This film was written by Salim Khan. And Laxmikant Pyarelal composed the background music. This film made such a splash at the box office that it made a record. It became the 8th highest grossing film of the 80s. Even today, Sanjay Dutt thanks Mahesh Bhatt for the offer of this film. Because after it became a hit, he started getting good offers again. Honest, Inam 10 thousand, Jeete Hai Shaan Se went on to become back-to-back super hits. Even if there were a couple of flops in between, Sanjay would have thrown three or four hits instead.

Jail had a bad effect on the film career
Sanjay Dutt was arrested after his name cropped up in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. This year and in the coming three-four years, Sanjay Dutt’s career had come to a standstill. From 1994 to 1998, the performance of about 17 films was very bad on screen. Some got beaten up badly and some got decent response. However, after this, he again pulled the audience towards him by doing different roles in films like ‘Daag – The Fire’, ‘Haseena Maan Jayegi’ and ‘Vaastav’. But this did not last long. From 1999 to 2003, his film career again sunk. His father Sunil Dutt supported Drubte with a straw and made and released ‘Munnabhai MBBS’. The film got an overwhelming response. But after that the same thing happened again as it was happening. After giving 15 films flop, Sanjay again got a silver spoon but that too at the hands of his father. In 2006, ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ was released and then it caught the finger of Sanjay’s career when he fell face to face. But didn’t work. After being a blockbuster, there was no success in the career. Perhaps something else had to happen.

Sanjay Dutt got swept away in the flood of flops
After that film in 2006, 3 films flopped again. The fourth came in 2007, that was the comedy film ‘Dhamal’, which earned a decent amount. The storm of flops didn’t stop. In 2009, ‘All the Best’ gave some relief but it didn’t make any difference. Because since then, out of all the films till now, only Double Dhamaal, Agneepath and Son of Sardar were hits. And the rest were blown away at the box office.

Will Adheera make Sanjay Dutt’s career shine?
Sanjay Dutt has given more than 90 films to the audience so far in his career. We have already told you about all of them above. Now his fans have high hopes from Adheera. The first reason for this is that he is coming to KGF. The first chapter of the film which made the fans crazy about Rocky overnight. And made him wait mole-til-mosel for the second chapter. If Sanjay Dutt will be a part of that film, then he is bound to get good popularity too. Then the second thing is that there are artists like Yash in it. These days the actors of South are playing their danka all over the world due to their exclusive story. In such a situation, if Chapter 2 does well, then Sanjay Dutt will be frofit by tearing the shed both personally and professionally. The third thing is that it is a surprise for everyone to see Sanjay Dutt’s character in it, because according to the way the trailer has deducted, the entire public has been shocked. Meaning that in that killer getup, she wants to see Sanjay Baba staring at the full screen for two and a half to three hours. Although the trailer has raised the career going in the pit of Create Sanjay Dutt. But the film will be like a rocket for him, which will directly take him to the heights.

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