Falling in love with this heroine, Prabhudeva had ruined her settled household, got cheated from the actress too

First Published Apr 3, 2022, 12:56 PM IST

Mumbai/Chennai. Actor, director and choreographer Prabhu Deva, popularly known as India’s Michael Jackson, has turned 49. Born on April 3, 1973 in Mysore, Karnataka, Prabhudheva is known for his unique dance style. Actor-dancer Prabhudheva is very shy by nature and talks less. Married Prabhudheva was once so arrested in the love of South actress Nayantara that she had ruined her settled household. What’s the matter after all?

Actress Nayanthara was choreographed by Prabhudheva in the Tamil film ‘Villu’. While teaching dance steps, Nayantara and Prabhudheva fell for each other. After this they started dating in 2008.

When this matter reached the ears of married Prabhudheva’s wife Ramlata, she got furious. In 2010, Prabhudheva’s wife Ramlata filed a petition in the family court, stating that Prabhudeva, despite being married, is living in a live-in with actress Nayantara.

After filing the petition in the court, Ramlata said that if she had any kind of relationship with Nayantara or married, she would go on hunger strike. Supporting Ramlata, many women’s organizations of South also turned against Nayantara. They alleged that Nayanthara has defamed Tamil culture.

Prabhudheva was so engrossed in Nayantara’s love affair that he decided to divorce his wife Ramlata. Prabhudheva and Ramlatha were married in 1995 and divorced his wife in 2011. A year after divorcing his wife, Nayantara also broke all her relations with Prabhudheva and separated.

Here Prabhudeva, who was madly in love with Nayantara, left his wife too and on the other hand, for whom he left his wife, she herself left him. Along with divorcing his wife, Prabhudheva had also given him a share in property worth crores apart from alimony. It is said that due to this Prabhudeva had reached the condition of pauper.

Prabhudheva had three children from Ramlata. However, their elder son Vishal died of cancer in 2008 at the age of 13. After divorcing his wife in 2011, Prabhudheva moved to Mumbai and started living in Boney Kapoor’s old house Green Acres here.

Prabhudheva secretly married Mumbai-based physiotherapist Himani in May 2020 during the Corona lockdown. It is said that the two came closer when Prabhudheva’s back and legs were strained due to excessive dancing. In such a situation, Himani had done the treatment of Prabhudheva. Before marriage, the couple also lived in live-in for two months.

Prabhu Deva started his career with the film Indu in 1994. After that she was Rasiya, Love Birds, Mr Romeo, Lovestory 1999, Time, James Pandu, Doubles, Santosham, H2O, One to Three, Agnivarsha, Style, Parambha, Urumi, ABCD, Devi, Actress, Mercury, Charlie Chaplin 2, Bagheera He has worked in many movies like.

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