Chedraui seeks to get closer to your house with Supercito

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The Chedraui business group tIt plans to open 31 stores in Mexico during 2022of which 25 will be under the Supercito format, a business with which they serve populations located in urban areas, in order to generate greater proximity with their customers.

In interview with MILLENNIUMArturo Vasconcelos, deputy general director of the company, pointed out that They currently have 60 units of Supercitos.

“They complement the strategy because they allow us to get closer to the client and satisfy other needs. There are customers who need to make replacement purchases that they want to do in a place close to their home, which is why proximity is something very important for our format”, he indicated.

According to the self-service chain results guide, the growth of this low-cost proposal is due to its proximitywhich will be an incentive for the firm to seek entry into new locations.

“We are working to develop some solutions to enter other geographies and socioeconomic levels where the possibility of delivering them in an omnichannel scheme is definitely going to be one of the advantages, with the speed that we are going to achieve by being close to their homes,” explained the executive.

Supercito is one of its main bets to compete with Walmart de México, the largest player in the self-service sector in the country, which has recently opted for a lower-priced market segment, with a focus on Bodega Aurrera and the transformation of Superama to the Walmart Express brand. The latter also means an opportunity for Chedraui in the premium segment.

“Today, 95 percent of the stores are located in areas where price is an important factor. In the future we are looking to enter other geographies where there are changes in categories, mainly in mid-level areas,” he said.

Regarding its Premium Select format, Vasconcelos says that it is also very important because it has shown very positive figures recently, which could help them compete in this specialized segment with gourmet products.

“We have found that there have been clients who, with the movements in the market with some competitors, have found in select a very good combination of interesting aspects for them, such as the variety of products in different categories,” he concluded.


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