Ankita Lokhande Says I Am Pregnant In Kangana Ranaut Show Lockupp | The cries of the little guest will resonate at Ankita Lokhande’s house! Secret opened in lockup, said

Ankita Lokhande, who arrived as a guest in Kangana Ranaut’s tyrannical jail, had come to promote her show Pavitra Rishta 2. But in the meantime, Ankita Lokhande narrated such a good news to the audience, which everyone was stunned to hear at first. When Ankita Lokhande spoke her whole story while revealing this secret, then the fans got a big shock. As everyone knows, Ankita Lokhande while telling her secret in the lockup said something like that even Kangana Ranaut was shocked.

Ankita raised the veil from her secret and said that – I am pregnant … and even Vicky does not know this. Hearing this talk of Ankita, along with the prisoners sitting in the jail, Kangana Ranaut also jumped with joy. But taking her point forward, Ankita told that she is making people April Fools, after which this happiness turned into fun.

Hearing Ankita’s talk about making April Fools, Kangana Ranaut says that today is not even April 1, I hope this false secret becomes true soon. In such a situation, Lal Ankita Lokhande says with shame that it will happen soon. Of course, Ankita Lokhande has said such a big thing in a joking manner, but what do you think Ankita will say such a thing like this? Whatever be the case, this secret of Ankita will be known later.

By the way, you will note that Priyanka Chopra also spoke on her pregnancy with her audience like this. But later it turned out to be true, now you must have guessed how much truth is there in Ankita’s words or how much joke. By the way, let us tell you that with the arrival of Ankita, this tyrannical prison of Kangana became more and more fun. These two beauties of Manikarnika added a lot of glamor.

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