National Lottery Results TODAY April 1, 2022: WINNING Number of the Superior Draw 2720

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This Friday, April 1, the National lottery carried out the Top Draw 2720whose banknote pays tribute to the 210th anniversary of the start and outbreak of the siege of Cuautla, Morelos, a key historical event in the development of Mexico’s struggle for independence.

In this way, one of the pieces of the Top Draw 2720 of the National lottery It shows the priest and politician José María Morelos y Pavón, who led the insurgents who tried to advance towards the then capital of New Spain.

Between February 19 and May 2, 1812, Commander Félix María Calleja placed his troops in strategic areas to corner the insurgents and thus prevent their advance. After 72 days of confinement, in a military action under the command of Morelos, on the morning of May 2, the insurgent troops managed to break the siege and left Cuautla.

Did you buy one or several tickets for this draw? On Binary Herald We share the complete list with you winning numbers of the Superior Draw 2720 of the National lottery. Good luck!

Winning numbers of the Superior Draw 2720 of the National Lottery

Now, to find out if you winning number of any of the awards Top Draw 2720CLICK HERE to check if your “little bit” brings a prize.

  • Number of the Grand Prize, of 17 million pesos: 26936
  • Number of the second prize, of 1.44 million pesos: 40422
Complete list of winning numbers of the Superior Draw 2720 of April 1, 2022 / YouTube screenshot: National Lottery

It is worth mentioning, the winning numbers of the Top Draw 2720 were announced through a live broadcast on the YouTube channel of the National lottery.

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