Martino already spoke about his resignation from El Tri and about the game against Argentina

Martino already spoke about his departure from Tri
Martino already spoke about his departure from Tri

The coach of the Mexican National Team, Gerardo Martino, broke the silence on two aspects. The first, about his potential resignation from the Mexican team and the second, about the game against the Argentine National Team.

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Regarding the first point, Tata explained that yes, he had made his position available since he sees that the group does not respond to him. This shows that Martino knows that there are problems with the players and in the locker room. However, the strategist said that he stays in the Tri, because he considers that there is a motivating factor, being in this and the next World Cup, as he expressed it in a dialogue for TUDN.

While on Argentina, the coach explained that he considers that his nationality will not weigh anything at the time of carrying out his work since he is a professional on the field and that he considers Mexico a priority.

Could Martino leave El Tri in the time remaining before the World Cup?

No, Yon de Luisa, president of the FMF, pointed out that Martino is firmer than ever and that they will continue with the sports project.

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