Enrique Esqueda indicates that there is racism in Polish football and that they are better than Sweden

The adventure that Enrique Esqueda lived in Poland, when he played with Arka Gdynia, was not to his liking because he pointed out that he suffered racism in the league of the country that Mexico will face in the World Cup in Qatar

The former Mexican striker, Enrique Escoda assured that he suffered racism during his time in soccer Poland in 2017 with the Arka Gdynia team, after the Polish footballer did not give anything away, for which he considered that the European team will be a difficult rival for Mexico in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“As a foreigner it is not the same to be in Poland to be in Mexicoon Poland racism cost me and I had to go through racism because they don’t see you as someone who comes to add, they see you as a person who comes to take their place, you have to earn it one hundred percent and you have to show them to see if they accept you ”,

“People are complicated, but once they accept you they are very warm, they are guys who are not going to give you absolutely anything and that is what is going to happen in the world Cup because it is also a huge showcase and they are looking for that, “acknowledged the footballer.

The former forward of America, Tigers and Atlas cataloged the duel before Poland like a very fucked up game for the Mexican team, since he considered they are better than Swedensince they have higher quality, so in Mexico they cannot afford to underestimate them.

“We cannot think that because our league or Mexican soccer is at a better level, we cannot afford to underestimate them and think that we are going to beat them just by comparing ourselves on the field, they are complicated, they are difficult, they are very strong, it even seems to me that they are better than the Swedes that we faced in the last World Cup, they are soccer players with higher quality and we have to pay attention during the 90 minutes because it will be a very difficult game for the Mexican team, “he added.

In the end, he pointed out that Polish football is characterized by giving a plus to the rest of the teams, after they ‘bite’, give themselves to the maximum, and have a great mentality, something that he considered left the Mexican soccer player needs.

“The whole year that I was there I realized that they are players who bite you all over the field, from all sides they pulled you and kicked you, they do not give up and never give up a lost ball, they bite until the last centimeter of the field and that makes it a very difficult meeting because we as Mexicans many times do not give that extra, we have to think that it is today or never and that the opportunity lies ahead, we just have to believe that the objective can be achieved, they have to believe that there is its reach and all that has a lot to do with the mentality”, he concluded.

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