Easy, easy: Dibu Martínez after seeing Mexico as Argentina’s rival

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The draw for the Qatar World Cup 2022 paired in Group C a Argentina and Mexicoan American rivalry that has grown over the years and that clearly favors Albiceleste due to World Cup clashes.

That is why some Argentine players took the match too well against Mexico and an example of this is the goalkeeper Emiliano Martinezwho ‘celebrated the luck’ of the South Americans.

“Easy, easy (easy easy)“, he is heard saying to the Dibu Martinezgoalkeeper of Aston-Villa of England, when he appointed Mexico as a member of Group C of Qatar 2022.

Dibu is even seen jumping with his eldest son; Argentina’s other rivals in the World Cup will be Poland and Saudi Arabia.

What did you say about the draw?

Emiliano Martinezwho will win the America Cup with Argentina in view of Brazilspoke to Olé after the draw and left his impressions, although he was more cautious in assuring that they have to beat everyone.

“There comes a time when you no longer know if a rival is good or bad. I got more nervous than in a match… We discussed it after the draw with the boys. Everyone is happy with the groupIt’s nice to think about what’s to come. As in all tournaments, we will go game by game.

It’s hard to choose who to play withonce the World Cup starts, some rise in the group stage. In a World Cup you have to beat everyonewe have to win our group”.

In Poland they ask about the Tricolor

For his part, he revealed that matthew cashside of the selection of Polandasked him about the style of play of Mexicobecause the Poles come to Argentina as an insurance for the second phase, so the clash against Tricolor will be key for them.

“He just wrote to me Poland right back: he asked me if Mexico played well. They already have us like we’re going to go through… I was asking if they were going to go through with us. Poland plays very well, but They also have to look at us because we are very well too”.

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