Cat Fight: Kashmera Shah responds to Urfi Javed and compares herself to Rani Mukerji, gets trolled

Mumbai. The ‘Cat Fight’ of the glamor world has always been very famous. Whenever two beauties flare up on each other, then they say something that people are stunned to hear and chuckle a lot. These days, a fierce battle is being seen on social media between the two beauties of ‘Bigg Boss’. Where in the past, Kashmera Shah targeted Urfi Javed, Urfi was also seen giving a befitting reply to him. At the same time, now, while hitting back at Urfi, Cash has compared himself to a big Bollywood actress, hearing which users have started taking a dig at him.

Kashmira Shah The latest spotted video of Kashmera Shah Spotted Video has been posted by Bollywood’s famous celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani on his official Instagram account. In this clip, Kashmira is seen trolling Urfi. In the video, the actress is heard saying, ‘Yes I know Urfi, she is quite famous on Instagram. This is the same girl whom the security guard had refused to click pictures on the road as well. Well, if she was educated, I would have definitely known.

Kashmera did not stop here and she further said, ‘There are many people across the country who do not have a phone and Instagram is a far cry. But such people also know me. By the way, let me tell you one thing, Rani Mukherjee is also not on Insta but everyone knows her. This video of Kashmera Shah is going viral on the internet and fans are giving quick reactions to it.

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Seeing this video of Kashmira, the fans believe that Cash has compared himself to Rani Mukerji. Then what was it that people are trolling him fiercely in the comment section. One user commented and wrote, ‘Oh my God! One has to be educated to know Kashmira Shah. And are you comparing yourself with actress Rani Mukerji !!! You have let yourself down by saying all this. Another wrote, ‘You too are a flop actress.’ Another writes, ‘Madam’s mind has slipped by a statement.’

This is how ‘Cat Fight’ started

Actually, Kashmera Shah was asked to respond to the controversy between Urfi and Farah in her recent interview. To which she said, ‘I don’t talk about people who have zero work in their resume and they are famous only on Instagram and nowhere else. I am making a career. I am busy making films that will bring some change in the world. People who are making their career only from Spotted are not career minded people in my view. Cash continued, “I’m sure Farah and Suzanne would have the same view. I don’t think Sussanne and Farah will embarrass anyone. How would they even know such people? I don’t even know who are these people who are busy cutting clothes and coming out.

Urfi hit back at Kashmera for this statement, saying, “Yes, I read what he said about me…but someone is saying this about me…he must have a valid reason… I am famous only on Instagram and not in real life…but you are not in both of them, man…

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first published:April 2, 2022, 11:45 am

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