Attack Box Office Collections Day 1: John’s film ‘Attack’ earned so many crores on the first day, did not get two thousand screens

The opening of the film ‘Attack Part One’ at the box office has been average like John Abraham’s previous films. The tale of a computer-powered super soldier, set to woo the young audience, is facing tough competition from ‘RRR’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’ at the box office. Due to the lack of screens in the second week of the film ‘RRR’, the film ‘Attack Part 1’ could not even get a total of one and a half thousand screens across the country. It was believed that the film will be released in about two thousand screens and will do a business of about five crore rupees on the first day, but due to the first Friday of the second week of ‘RRR’, ie on the eighth day of the release, the film ‘Attack Part One’. has suffered a loss.

The film ‘Attack Part One’ is the story of a supersoldier whose entire body from the neck down after being shot in the spinal cord becomes useless and later an attempt is made to repair his body by implanting a chip in his brain. John Abraham plays the role of this supersoldier in the film and Rakul Preet Singh plays the scientist who makes this soldier fight again. The makers of the film also include Jayanthi Lal Gada whose 60th birthday was celebrated with pomp here on Friday night in Mumbai.

John Abraham and Ajay Kapoor, the hero of the film ‘Attack Part One’, have together made this film with Jayanti Lal Gada. Gada’s company Marudhar Entertainment is also the distributor of the film ‘RRR’ and has also released the film ‘Attack Part One’. There is a debate going on in the film industry for the last three to four days on whether this film should have landed so soon in comparison to the film ‘RRR’. There was talk of release of the film in about two thousand screens, but on Friday, the film could get only about 1400 screens across the country. The film has earned around Rs 3 crore on its first day of release.

Most of the money for the making of the film ‘Attack Part 1’, made in a budget of about Rs 55 crore, has been earned by its distributors from satellite rights and OTT rights of the film. If the film earns even Rs 50 crore at the box office, then it will be a profitable deal for its makers.

On the other hand, on the eighth day of its release, the film ‘RRR’ has done a business of about Rs 25 crores in the initial figures across the country and now the film is expected to have most of the collections from the Hindi speaking regions. According to preliminary figures, the film has minted around Rs 12 crore in Hindi on the second Friday after its release. With this, the net collection of the film at the domestic box office is expected to cross Rs 500 crore.

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