Ranbir Kapoor lied about Randhir Kapoor’s health?, the actor himself gave his health update

Mumbai. Bollywood actor and Kapoor family darling Ranbir Kapoor recently revealed that his elder father Randhir Kapoor is battling a serious illness. He told that Randhir Kapoor is showing early symptoms of a disease named dementia. This news upset all the fans of Randhir and people’s concern for him increased.

Ranbir (Ranbir Kapoor reveals health condition of Randhir Kapoor dementia) revealed this when he was talking about the family’s reaction to his father Rishi Kapoor’s last film ‘Sharma Ji Namkeen’. Ranbir, while talking to a private tabloid said, ‘My uncle Randhir Kapoor, who is going through an early stage of dementia, and he came to me after the film,’ he said, ‘Tell dad he’s amazing, and Where is he, let’s call him.’

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After this statement now Randhir Kapoor himself (Randhir Kapoor denied suffering) dementia) has broken the silence on his health and has denied Ranbir’s words and said that he is absolutely fine. Randhir Kapoor recently told in one of his interviews that, “Nothing like this happened. Absolutely not. I am absolutely fine. I had COVID sometime back.” When told how Ranbir said so, he quipped, “Ranbir ki marzi, he deserves to say whatever he wants.”

Not only this, he was further asked whether, after watching ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ he said about Rishi Kapoor and asked him to call him. To this Randhir replied, “I never said that. I am fine. In fact, I have just returned from Goa with Rahul Rawail. We were there at the Goa festival.”

Let us tell you, Rishi Kapoor struggled with leukemia (blood cancer) for two years. The actor also underwent treatment in New York for a year, but on April 30, 2020, his health suddenly deteriorated and he breathed his last at his home in Mumbai. Produced by Hitesh Bhatia, ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ was Rishi Kapoor’s last film, half of which Rishi was able to shoot after he died and the rest was played by veteran actor Paresh Rawal.

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first published:April 1, 2022, 3:36 pm

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