Neetu Kapoor was asked ‘When is the daughter-in-law coming?’, the actress gave such an answer – Neetu Kapoor was asked ‘Bahu kab aa rahi hai??’, the actress gave such an answer

Mumbai. These days only one discussion is in full swing in B-town, that is when Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are getting married. Wherever these celebs go, they have to face the same question that when are both getting married. Meanwhile, another video is going viral, in which Neetu Kapoor is also being questioned about Ranbir and Alia’s marriage.

Neetu Kapoor will be seen judging Colors TV’s dance reality show Dance Deewane Juniors these days. In such a situation, she was spotted on the set outside the house in connection with the shooting, where the paparazzi also reached with her camera. During this, Neetu goes out of her vanity, only then the photographers surround her and ask her the question, ‘Madam ji bahu kabhi aa rahi hai?’ To this Neetu (Neetu Kapoor reacts on Bahu kab Aa rahi hai?) says ‘yes’ to avoid the question. The photographer then repeats his question and says ‘When is the daughter-in-law coming?’

After listening to this question, a slight smile comes on Neetu Kapoor’s face and in a funny way, without saying anything, raising her hands up and pointing towards God. Security guards can also be seen around him in the video. Seeing this reaction of Neetu, the paparazzi start laughing, but Neetu Kapoor keeps silence on this question. Let us tell you, Ranbir and Alia are dating each other for a long time and this year the news of their marriage is in full swing.

first published:April 1, 2022, 9:56 am

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