Lionel Messi and the first thing he did after learning that he has Mexico as a rival in Qatar

Lionel Messi and his reaction after the World Cup draw
Lionel Messi and his reaction after the World Cup draw

After the World Cup draw where Mexico will face Poland, Argentina and Saudi Arabia, several players reacted on their social networks and Lionel Messi was no exception. The Argentine star took the opportunity to show his new tattoo.

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Martino got tired of 2 sacred cows and exhibits them as soon as Mexico qualified Qatar

Lionel Messi was impregnated with the new World Cup Ball, and when he learned that Argentina was facing Mexico, he maintained that the “road begins.” For Messi it will be the last World Cup that he disputes and he becomes special in every way.

On the other hand, the Argentine press mentions that the group that corresponds to them in the World Cup is relatively simple, seeing Poland as a rival to lead the group. In the case of Mexico, the only concern is Saudi Arabia, Femexfut president Yon de Luisa said.

Can Mexico beat Argentina in the World Cup?

The Mexican team is clear that if they win the first two games they have clear options to continue to the round of 16, however, by having the albiceleste in the second match, they become the rival to beat.

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Martino’s list is filtered with 3 trunks included

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