IIT IIM Shaadi Taksh Gupta Karan Johar Troll: IIT IIM Shaadi: Memes made about CEO of matrimonial site, Karan Johar also trolled

There is a matrimonial site named ‘IIT IIM Shaadi’. Its founder is Taksha Gupta. At the same time, its brand ambassador is Karan Johar. Now Karan is also getting a lot of criticism on social media. Why? Actually, according to the LinkedIn profile of Taksh Gupta, the CEO of this website, he himself is a graduate from ‘SP Jain School of Global Management’. While Karan became a victim of trolling due to one of his videos shared about this website.

The founder himself is not from IIT IIM!


Sharing a screenshot of the ‘LinkedDin’ profile of Taksh Gupta, CEO of this matrimonial website, Twitter user @verysanskarii wrote – Founder of IITIIMShaadi is from SP Jain School of Management. His tweet has so far garnered 5.7 thousand likes and around 500 retweets. Also, hundreds of users have given feedback on this.

This is hypocrisy!

According to the brand, ‘IIT IIM Shaadi’ is a platform that invites alumni from 10-15 institutes like IITs, IIMs and other top colleges to register and find their match. Meaning, this platform is specially for those who want a life partner who has graduated from top Indian and global institutes of Management, Architecture, Engineering, Medicine and Mass Communication. The tagline of the website reads ‘Alma Mater Matters’ along with a picture of the brand ambassador Karan Johar.

I just want such confidence!

Karan’s video went viral

They need to be blocked from coming on this platform!

Karan Johar says in the video, ‘We live once. Die once, and marry only once. That is why it is very important that the decision of life partner is right, and it is not easy, especially for more educated people. Because if you are more educated, then you look for mental compatibility in a partner before looking at age, height, cast. And only one company understands this need of yours – IITIIMShaadi.com. After this, users criticized the video saying that the concept of finding a partner in this way is objectionable.

This is taking revenge for not getting seat in IIT.


What did Karan write while sharing the video?

Sharing this clip, the filmmaker wrote – ITIIMShaadi.com! There is no other like this matrimonial platform. I am very excited to see some ‘real’ love in life and not just reel. If you are looking for your life partner, then visit the website of iitiimshaadi. They invite alumni from top 10-15 colleges from all regions to register and find a match between each other.

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