urfi Javed wears revealing dress on Camera and shares her bold video | VIDEO: Urfi Javed’s boldness is not stopping, now wearing clothes in front of the camera

new Delhi: TV actress Urfi Javed caught everyone’s attention by becoming a part of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Today Urfi has become a social media sensation. With her dressing sense and looks, she often does something like this, due to which she comes in the headlines. No one even has any idea what Urfi will do when.

Urfi changed clothes in front of the camera

Due to her unusual fashion and showing more boldness than everyone, she also comes under the target of trollers. However, these criticisms never had any effect on Urfi. In such a situation, once again he has shared a video on his Instagram page showing his impunity. She is seen wearing a dress in front of the camera.

Urfi’s boldness stunned my senses

In this video, Urfi is seen wearing a revealing short dress with jabra print. The actress had tied the sleeves of this dress in the back side.

She took out the sleeves from behind her in the camera itself and started wearing sleeves while handling the dress. Now this bold avatar of Urfi is surprising people a lot.

The look with only photos also went viral

However, showing such boldness of Urfi is not new. Often she keeps doing something like this.

Recently, he shared another video of himself, in which he had covered himself by sticking his photos on the body only because of the clothes. She was trolled a lot because of this look too.

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