The new Hummer is sold out and already has 65,000 people on the waiting list

After little more than a decade without news, Hummer resurfaced in the global market with a new generationalthough this time it will under the orbit of GMC.

With a 100 percent electrical mechanics, the legend returned in two silhouettes: one pick-up and one SUV. However, the first model was responsible for reviving this General Motors milestone.

Even so, the sport utility broke schemes during the last week and already has 65,000 people on the waiting list. Given the good acceptance of this Hummer, GMC revealed that they are going to increase production capacity and try to speed up manufacturingaccording to Automotivas News, thanks to the contributions of CNBC.


In addition, the brand indicated that there is a good distribution between the SUV and pick-up variant, although orders will only be completed in 2024.

It is important to mention that they are very sophisticated models of more than five meters and a power around 1,014 hp. In addition, the electrical mechanics and its excellent performance help to accelerate from 0 to 100 in just three seconds.

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