salman khan defamation case: salman khan defamation case mumbai court says nri neighbor has proof actor claim of being defamed does not hold

In the ongoing case of Bollywood star Salman Khan with NRI neighbor in Panvel Farmhouse, his difficulties seem to be increasing. The Civil Court of Mumbai has held that the allegations made by Ketan Kakkad against the actor regarding the land were in fact true. On the other hand, Salman had claimed that these allegations were leveled against him to defame him. The court has based its order on documentary evidence given by Ketan, which showed that Salman had stopped him from coming to his land.

Judge AH ​​Laddad of the Mumbai Sessions Court said, “I am of the view that Khan simply failed to explain how it was related to him and Kakkar filed a petition for justification, which is primarily supported by documentary evidence.” .’ Simultaneously, the court dismissed the injunction application that the actor was seeking against his NRI neighbour.

Ketan has proof
The order said that there is documentary evidence to substantiate the allegations made by Khan of preventing Kakkar from coming to his land. The court had passed the order last week, but now the order has been made available.

Salman calls the allegations baseless
Khan had requested that till the hearing of the case and the final verdict, an order should be passed against Kakkar and others that they should not post anything derogatory or make statements. He had said that the allegations leveled against him were false and malicious as it was made to defame him. There is no truth in this at all.

Blockage made by iron gate
Ketan Kakkar’s lawyers say that it is near Salman Khan’s Panvel farmhouse, which is being blocked by the actor with an iron gate. When Ketan came back to India after retiring, Salman Khan and his family could not use his land properly.

Salman used to use Ketan’s land
Ketan’s lawyer also said that Khan used to invite Kakkar for talks and in return used his land. He used to jog on Kakkar’s land and catch fish. However, everything changed when Kakkar came to India.

Complaints in multiple departments
Ketan’s lawyer argued in the court that his client was not even given the right to visit his temple. Even they were not given electricity for lighting. He approached all the departments like the forest department for his complaint. Complaint and FIR were also lodged and proper investigation was initiated. “The matters are also pending in the respective courts,” the lawyer said.

Salman is trapped in another case
Salman Khan remains in the discussion due to his films as well as controversies. A few days back, the Andheri Metropolitan Court had issued a summons against him in a assault case filed by a journalist. A complaint was also registered against his bodyguard Shera. Both are to appear in court on April 5.

Salman Khan

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