Kangana Ranaut advice to payal rohatgi: kangana ranaut advice to payal rohatgi kala jadu revelation is something which girls should pay heed to

In Ekta Kapoor’s show Lock Up, every contestant is revealing something that people are surprised to hear. The show’s contestant Payal Rohatgi has also revealed a shocking secret related to herself in the latest episode. The actress told that when her career started coming on the slopes, she had resorted to tantric worship. He had shared that he had found a priest in Delhi, with the help of whom he had done vashikaran. In the end, the actress said that she tried many such things but nothing worked for her. (All photos: Instagram @payalrohatgi, kanganaranaut)

Just a few words, which increase anyone’s confidence

However, what grabbed attention was Kangana’s reaction to this revelation. Although he said a lot, but in the midst of all this, some words of the actress were also such, which can probably inspire every girl. Actually, Kangana had given an advice to Payal after listening to Vashikaran. This was such a thing that listening to anyone’s confidence gets a boost.

What did Kangana say?

Kangana said to Payal ‘What have you done? black magic? You tried to influence people with black magic. Payal, I think you are beautiful and talented, you don’t need a tantrik to impress people. Even without it you can influence them.’

Kangana further shared her experience and told that when she came into the industry, she was told that she does black magic. He said that ‘when a girl is successful, people start questioning her credibility. It is said that she must have some magical power, otherwise how can she be successful?

tries to provoke

If the part of black magic and tantric worship is removed, then the way Kangana encouraged Payal, she needs to understand every girl and encourage other girls by speaking such words.

Be it at home or office, girls sometimes go through moments when they underestimate themselves for being a female. Many people try to provoke them in the name of providing a solution to the problem, due to which they sometimes take wrong decisions.

believe in yourself

In such a situation, there is a need to explain to them that there are ups and downs in life. Just don’t lose your confidence and believe in yourself. The desire and hard work to move forward will lead to success without any tricks.

When successful, ignore the people who heat up the gossip market. Remind yourself how hard you have worked to achieve this position and that is why you are successful today and the people who created the things did the same. If you observe Kangana’s career, then you will be able to see how she molded these things in her life and went on climbing the stairs of success.

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