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Torreón, Coahuila.- Taking place at the Braulio Fernández Aguirre University Cultural Center, of Ciudad Universitaria, this Thursday morning the opening ceremony of the XXII International Congress of Medicine was held, organized by students of the last year of the career in the Faculty of Medicine of the UA of Coahuila Torreón Unit, in an emotional event that had the distinguished presence of the rector of the Maximum House of Studies, Ing. Salvador Hernández Vélez.

Also present at the presidium were Dr. Sandra Chavarría López, Coordinator of the Torreón Unit of the UAC, Dr. Salvador Chavarría Vázquez, director of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Guillermo Milan, logistics director of the Medical Congress, as well as the students who head the organizing committee of the event, Julio Pérez Borbolla, Mariana Abraham Galicia, Diana García Coronado and David Franco Carrillo.

Under the slogan ‘The medicine of the future for the challenges of the present’, this important XXII International Congress of Medicine is taking place, of which the rector Salvador Hernández Vélez was in charge of giving the opening declaration, who thanked the young students for the invitation, offering The next message:

“I widely congratulate Julio, Mariana, Diana and Diego, who are the ones I spoke with and invited me to come to this congress, I really feel proud of all of them and of those who made the event possible. I greet the renowned doctors who will be sharing their experiences, findings and advances, through the different conferences that will be given, congratulations to all and may it be an excellent congress”.

The rector added that events of this nature contribute to an updated preparation for future doctors, because it opens the possibility to learn about new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat health problems, with the positive impact that this represents in the lives of the patients.

After the speech, the Medical Congress was inaugurated, which stands out for having 500 participants in person and around 300 online, attending the lectures by students from the medical schools of Monclova, Salto and the Torreón Unit, as well as as well as from local universities that have careers related to health.

The conference program continued immediately, giving the topics ‘Transplants of vascularized composite tissues’ by Dr. Martín Iglesias and ‘Current overview of reconstructive surgery for genitourinary reassignment in transgender patients’ by Dr. Damián López.

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