VIDEO VIRAL: Gorilla Dances To Pushpa Song Srivalli Video Goes Viral On Instagram | Gorilla Seen Doing Hookstep Of Srivalli Song In Zoo From Pushpa Film

VIDEO VIRAL: ‘Pushpa’ fever is not coming down, humans and humans are now copying animals too

The craze of Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa: The Rise is not taking its name to end. The hook step of the song of the film ‘Pushpa’ is in a lot of trend these days. In the past, along with the biggest cricketers, the film celebrities were speaking loudly. Now the fever of ‘Pushpa’ is now climbing on animals except humans. By watching this video, it can be guessed that how human beings are now doing the magic of ‘Pushpa’ even on animals. These days this video is becoming very viral on social media, in which a gorilla is seen doing the hookstep of Srivalli Song. Seeing this video, you will be stunned even for a minute. Seeing this video going viral on the internet, users rained their reaction.

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People are making reels on the songs and dialogues of this film, which was released in the month of December last year, in which everyone from children to old people is getting a glimpse of this film. Now animals have also been included in this list. Witness this video, which is making a lot of headlines on the internet these days. In this video going viral recently, a gorilla is seen hookstepping the Srivalli Song of Superstar Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa. Everyone is liking and sharing this video a lot.

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This video going viral is of a zoo, in which a gorilla comes forward while walking in its enclosure after seeing the audience. As soon as it reaches the boundary of the enclosure, the gorilla starts walking diagonally by standing on the ladder. This move of Gorilla was captured by the people present there in their camera, after which this video has been edited by some creative content creator from Srivalli Song of Allu Arjun’s film ‘Pushpa’. During this, suddenly this video became increasingly viral.

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The hookstep of the Gorilla seen in the video is absolutely amazing, which looks like the hookstep of the song. This video of Gorilla has created a buzz on social media. Till now this video has got millions of views. Along with this, more than 11 lakh people have liked this video. Seeing the video, users are giving their reactions enthusiastically. One user wrote, ‘Side effect of Pushpa film on animals.’

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