Summary and goals: Senegal 1(3) – 0(1) Egypt in Qatar 2022 Qualifying | 03/29/2022

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Shot by Mostafa Mohamed in the middle and Mendy, who jumped to the left, managed to cover with his feet. 2-1 and if he converts, Senegal goes to the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

13:51 an hour ago

Senegal GOAL

Bamba Dieng shot to the left post and El-Shenawy dived to the other. 2-1.

13:50 an hour ago

Egypt GOAL

Amr Al-Sulaya converts. Crossbar and inside. 1-1.

13:49 an hour ago

Senegal GOAL

Ismaïla Sarr shot to the right and El-Shenawy dived to the other post. 1-0.

13:48 an hour ago


The Egyptian sent it out by the left post. It continues 0-0.

13:47 an hour ago


Ciss shot to the right post and the Egyptian goalkeeper saved. 0-0 still.

13:46 an hour ago


The Egyptian captain sent the ball over the goal.

13:45 an hour ago


First penalty for Senegal and the captain missed it.

13:44 an hour ago

The series of penalties is coming

It will start kicking Senegal. Goes Captain Kalidou Koulibaly.

13:38 an hour ago

120+2′ End of the match

Finish the match! We have penalties after 210 minutes in the entire series, which ends tied 1-1.

13:36 2 hours ago

120′ additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the match.

13:35 2 hours ago

119′ Yellow card

Mostafa Mohamed was booked in Egypt.

13:34 2 hours ago

118′ Substitution in Egypt

Mahmoud Alaa enters in place of Hamdi Fathi, who has to leave injured.

13:32 2 hours ago

114′ Change in Senegal

Enter Pape Matar Sarr in place of Idrissa Gana Gueye.

13:31 2 hours ago

114′ Senegal approached

Shot by Bamba Dieng that went very close to the left post.

13:30 2 hours ago

112′ Yellow card

Ahmed Fattoh was booked in Egypt.

13:29 2 hours ago

110′ Little to highlight

Egypt tries to slow down the game at all costs. They are looking for penalties now.

13:20 2 hours ago

Start the second overtime

Last 15 minutes of the game underway!

13:19 2 hours ago

105+1′ End of the first extra time

The first 15 minutes are over. Tie in the series still.

13:19 2 hours ago

105′ additional time

One more minute will be played in the first stage.

13:18 2 hours ago


Incredible performance by the Egyptian goalkeeper who covered two shots by Pape Cissé, first a shot down the right post and then on the rebound the Senegalese shot and stretched practically defeated to reach the ball.

13:14 2 hours ago

100′ Last five minutes of the first extra time

The score remains unchanged in overtime. Senegal has had the best chances, but miraculously the series is still tied.

13:06 2 hours ago


Sadio Mané overflowed on the left and crossed the ball, Ismaïla Sarr appeared to shoot in front of the goal and the Egyptian goalkeeper miraculously saved.

13:05 2 hours ago


Pape Gueye’s header in the area and the Egyptian goalkeeper’s reaction was better.

13:01 2 hours ago

Start the first overtime

Extra time starts. We have 30 more minutes of football.

12:56 2 hours ago

90+3′ End of the match

Finish the match. Senegal won 1-0 in the 90′, but this result only serves to send everything to extra time.

12:53 2 hours ago

90′ additional time

Three more minutes will be played in the match.

12:48 2 hours ago

85′ Last minutes

The game slowed down a few minutes ago and the teams have dedicated themselves more to taking care of the result they have.

12:45 2 hours ago


Incredible opportunity Ismaïla Sarr has just missed after a masterful pass from Sadio Mané to enable it. Her auction went wide open.

12:44 2 hours ago

81′ Double change in Senegal

Cheikhou Kouyaté and Pape Gueye instead of Nampalys Mendy and Boulaye Dia.

12:41 2 hours ago

75 & # 39; Egypt approached!

Ahmed Sayed had it with a shot that went near the right post.

12:40 2 hours ago

71 & # 39; Egypt had it!

Ahmed Sayed’s header after a cross from the right that went very close to the left post.

12:39 2 hours ago

70′ Yellow card

Bamba Dieng was booked in Senegal.

12:38 2 hours ago

70′ Three changes in Egypt

Mostafa Mohamed, Nabil Donga and Ahmed Sayed enter in place of Omar Marmoush, Mohamed Elneny and Trézéguet.

12:37 2 hours ago

68′ Change in Senegal

Bamba Dieng enters in place of Bouna Sarr.

12:28 3 hours ago

65 & # 39; Follow the equality in the series

Senegal has had more clarity to get to the goal now that the game has stopped being so frictionless, but it is not concrete.

12:23 3 hours ago

60′ Start to have a little more rhythm

At last we began to have a little bit of transitions without the game being cut.

12:18 3 hours ago

55′ The same marker is maintained

The match is still 1-0 and it has been practically impossible to see a minute in a row without interruptions.

12:13 3 hours ago

50′ The match is stopped

There is a player from Egypt lying on the ground. The pace of the match hasn’t changed and it’s still very physically demanding.

12:08 3 hours ago

Start the second half

The match resumes. There were no changes for the start of the second half.

11:54 3 hours ago

45+5′ End of the first half

The first half ends with a partial victory for Senegal 1-0 over Egypt, series tied 1-1 for now.

11:50 3 hours ago

45′ additional time

Five more minutes will be played in the first half.

11:49 3 hours ago

45′ Yellow card

Ayman Ashraf was booked in Egypt.

11:45 3 hours ago

42′ Senegal approached

Shot by Nampalys Mendy that went very close to the right post.

11:41 3 hours ago

37′ Yellow card

Idrissa Gana Gueye was booked in Senegal.

11:40 3 hours ago

36′ Substitution in Egypt

Emam Ashour enters in place of Ramy Rabia, who also leaves injured.

11:38 3 hours ago

34′ Yellow card

Ramy Rabia was booked in Egypt.

11:33 4 hours ago

29′ Change in Senegal

Ayman Ashraf enters in place of Omar Gaber, who had to leave injured.

11:32 4 hours ago

28 & # 39; Senegal approached!

Shot by Idrissa Gueye that the Egyptian goalkeeper saved well to avoid the second goal.

11:29 4 hours ago

25 & # 39; Not much happens in the game

The series remains tied. There are 14 fouls that have already been called… Evidently not much has been played.

11:24 4 hours ago

20′ Senegal continues to win

We reached the first 20 minutes of the match. There is very little that has been played so far, the match is too frictionless.

11:18 4 hours ago

14′ Egypt approached

Elneny’s shot that went wide. Try Egypt.

11:12 4 hours ago

8′ Intense start of the match

The teams do not give any respite to play by circulating the ball. The intensity has been very high.

11:08 4 hours ago

4′ GOOOOOL for Senegal

BOULAYE DAY! The Senegalese striker pushes the ball after a bad rejection by Ahmed Fattoh in the free kick. The series was quickly tied.

11:05 4 hours ago

1′ Furious start for Senegal

Just one minute and Senegal is already approaching the Egyptians’ area. Dangerous free kick for the local.

11:04 4 hours ago

Start the match!

The game between Senegal and Egypt starts.

11:02 4 hours ago

Referee team

Referee: Mustapha Ghorbal – Algeria
Assistant No.1: Mokrane Gougrari – Algeria
Assistant No.2: Abdelhak Etchiali – Algeria
Fourth referee: Lahlou Benbraham – Algeria
VAR: Bastian Dankert – Germany
VAR Assistant: Sascha Nicolai Stegemann – Germany

10:56 4 hours ago

Teams on the field

The players from Senegal and Egypt come out onto the pitch.

10:55 4 hours ago

Substitutes – Egypt

10:55 4 hours ago

Starting line-up – Egypt

10:49 4 hours ago

Substitutes – Senegal

10:49 4 hours ago

Starting line-up – Senegal

10:40 4 hours ago

Last five games – Egypt

10:35 5 hours ago

Last five games – Senegal

10:30 5 hours ago

Egypt, prepared for a duel that will go down in history

10:25 5 hours ago

Senegal remembering moments

10:20 5 hours ago

welcome back

We are ready to bring you the actions of this match between Senegal and Egypt to define who will go to the World Cup.

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Don’t leave here to follow Senegal vs Egypt live

In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups for the Senegal vs. Egypt match live, as well as the latest information from the Abdoulaye Wade Stadium. Don’t miss a single detail of the live match update and commentary from VAVEL’s coverage.

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How to watch Senegal vs Egypt live?

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What time is the Senegal vs Egypt playoff game?

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Featured Player – Egypt

In Egypt, the presence of Mostafa Mohamed. The _-year-old is one of the top scorers in the current edition of the African qualifiers with two goals.

9:55 5 hours ago

Featured Player – Senegal

In Senegal, the presence of Sadio Mane. The 29-year-old is one of the team’s top scorers in the current edition of the African qualifiers with three goals.

9:50 5 hours ago

History – Senegal vs Egypt

9:35 6 hours ago

The match will be played at the Abdoulaye Wade Stadium

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