This is how the drums go towards the Qatar 2022 draw

The draw for the group stage of Qatar 2022 will take place next friday april 1and you can enjoy it on the screens of Aztec 7. Little by little the drums are being defined, because so far there are 20 classified clubs.

the future of the Mexican team it is still a mystery. They need a point in their last match against The Savior to get your ticket world, but with a number of combinations they could even be seeded. For now, according to FIFA rankingif it was in the draw it would appear in the Pot 2. However, here we are going to tell you how all the pots are going, with the 20 teams that have qualified so far.

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The pots for the Qatar 2022 draw

The arrangement of the Selections for the Qatar World Cup 2022, goes according to the position of each of those classified in the FIFA ranking. That is why seven of the eight teams that will be seeded have already been decided, since the eighth could be Portugal, Denmark And till Mexico.

qatar, Belgium, Brazil, France, Argentina, England and Spain. If Portugal qualifies, they will be the last invited to this pot.

Pot 2 for Qatar 2022

Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Uruguay. The United States and Mexico would go here if they secure their direct qualification.


Qatar 2022 Pot 3

Iran, Japan, Serbian, South Korea, Canadaas well as the winner of the UEFA playoff between Sweden and Poland.

Qatar 2022 Pot 4

Ecuador and Saudi Arabia. The winner of the repechage of CONCACAF vs Oceaniaalso winner of the playoff between CONMEBOL and Asiaalong with the winner of the Welsh or Scotland / Ukraine. In a hypothetical case, here it could go North Macedoniaif it surprises the Portugal from Cristiano Ronaldo.

It should be remembered that all this could change in the coming days. On Tuesday, March 29 and Wednesday, March 30, we will meet more guests at the world Cupas well as those who will fight the playoffs and the movements that will take place in the FIFA rankingto finish forming the drums for the draw.

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