El Rubius creates a Patreon to finance his Minecraft server and receives criticism for shark

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El Rubius is back in the spotlight once again, this time due to the criticism he received for his collaboration with Patreon to create and finance MadKaos his own Minecraft server.

The criticisms appeared when the youtuber Short Reviewsposted a tweet showing his rejection to the initiative of the content creator, before this the Rubius responded to all the comments he was receiving.

The now streamer explained that it is a collaboration he has done with the same Patreon to create Mad KaoIt’s a giant Minecraft server. The maintenance of these servers would cost between 200 and 300 thousand dollars per monthfor which he assures that it is unfeasible for him to be able to pay this figure alone, because of this this initiative was born.

The Rubius Patron, actually, it is not intended to give money to your person, but it is related to your minecraft server. Although this is free, you can have advantages by supporting the project via Patreon.

The content creator has made it clear that it is a common project with Patreon and that it is the same company that has put up posters with his figure to advertise what he is looking for, which is the Minecraft server. What’s more, ensures that payment is optional and those who decide to support the project will receive only few advantages. The support through Patreon it would decide how big the server will be.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord

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