How many players go to the World Cup from the last qualifying call?

Mexico has two games left in the qualifying round to Qatar and coach Gerardo Martino called up 29 players, but how did other players who were called up at the close of World Cup qualifying fare?

Gerardo Martino called 29 footballers for the closure of the Octagonal of the Concacaf face to Qatar 2022. According to the five World Cups that have been played in the millennium, from the call to close the qualifiers, in three more than half of the players who managed to pass to the world Cup.

On the way to Russia 2018, 80% of the last call for the tie arrived

Juan Carlos Osorio called 25 footballers to close the hexagonal of the Concacaf, which led the Mexican team. However, from that last list presented by the Colombian coach for the last two days of the qualifiers, 20 were considered for the Russia World Cup 2018could even be one more player, but Nestor Araujo He was injured before the contest.

Those who remained for the final list: Jesús Corona, Guillermo Ochoa, Edson Álvarez, Hugo Ayala, Miguel Layún, Héctor Moreno, Carlos Salcedo, Jesús Gallardo, Jonathan dos Santos, Andrés Guardado, Erick Gutiérrez, Héctor Herrera, Giovani dos Santos, Javier Aquino, Jesús ‘Tecatito’ Corona, Javier Hernández, Raúl Jiménez, Hirving Lozano, Oribe Peralta and Carlos Vela.

The five sacrificed: Rodolfo Cota, Oswaldo Alanís, Néstor Araujo (Injury), Néstor Araujo, Diego Reyes and Elías Hernández.

Those who joined: Rafael Marquez, Marco Fabian and Alfredo Talavera.

On the way to Brazil 2014, 39.13% of the last call for the tie arrived

For the 2014 World Cupthe situation was different, because Michael Herrera took the helm of the Mexican team to face New Zealand in reclassification. The ‘Piojo’ chose to take a group full of players from the MX Leaguemostly from Americahis team, and León, who at that time was the current Mexican soccer champion, a situation for which the strategist ended up taking only nine soccer players out of the 23 he called for the decisive duel, since he suffered the loss of Luis Montes due to injury.

Those who remained for the final list: Jesús Corona, Alfredo Talavera, Rafael Márquez, Francisco Rodríguez, Paul Aguilar, Miguel Layún, Carlos Peña, Oribe Peralta and Raúl Jiménez.

They were sacrificed: Moisés Muñoz, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Edwin Hernández, Adrián Aldrete, Miguel Herrera, Hiram Mier, Rodrigo Salinas, Juan Carlos Medina, Sinha, Luis Mendoza, Luis Montes (Injury), Jesús Molina, Jesús Escoboza and Aldo De Nigris.

Those who joined: Carlos Salcido, Diego Reyes, Héctor Herrera, Marco Fabián, Giovani dos Santos, Alan Pulido, Guillermo Ochoa, Javier Hernández, Héctor Moreno, Miguel Ponce, Isaac Brizuela, Andrés Guardado, Javier Aquino and José Juan Vázquez.

On the way to South Africa 2010, 70% of the last call for the tie arrived

Javier Aguirre came to close the hexagonal of the Concacaf Given the poor results that the Mexican team had had with Sven-Goran Eriksson. The ‘Vasco’ took 20 footballers to the last date of the tie, of which 14 finally attended the South Africa World Cup 2010.

Those who remained for the final list: Guillermo Ochoa, Efraín Juárez, Rafael Márquez, Jonny Magallón, Carlos Salcido, Ricardo Osorio, Héctor Moreno, Gerardo Torrado, Israel Castro, Andrés Guardado, Pablo Barrera, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Carlos Vela and Guillermo Franco .

The six sacrificed: Jesús Corona, José Antonio Castro, Óscar Rojas, Miguel Sabah, Enrique Esqueda and Omar Arellano.

Those who joined: Oscar Pérez, Francisco Rodríguez, Paul Aguilar, Javier Hernández, Giovani dos Santos, Jorge Torres Nilo, Adolfo Bautista, Alberto Medina and Luis Michel.

On the way to Germany 2006, 47.36% of the last call for the tie arrived

Ricardo Antonio La Volpe He closed the hexagonal of the Concacaf to qualify for the 2006 World Cup with a list of 19 players, of which only nine were present in the final call that the Argentine presented to play the contest that was held in Germany in which the ‘Bigotón’ surprised by taking Andres Guardado, who was 19 years old at the time.

Those who remained for the final list: Jesús Corona, Mario Méndez, Francisco Rodríguez, Ricardo Osorio, Gonzalo Pineda, Gerardo Torrado, Jesús Arellano, Francisco Fonseca and Guillermo Franco.

The sacrificed: Moisés Muñoz, Joel Huiqui, Hugo Sánchez, Oscar Rojas, Israel López, Juan Pablo Rodríguez, Jaime Lozano, Carlos Morales, Rafael Márquez Lugo and Alberto Medina.

Those who joined: Oswaldo Sánchez, Claudio Suárez, Carlos Salcido, Rafael Márquez, Sinha, Pável Pardo, Jared Borgetti, Ramón Morales, Guillermo Ochoa, José Antonio Castro, Andrés Guardado, Omar Bravo, Rafael García and Luis Pérez.

On the way to Korea/Japan 2002, 72.22% of the last call for the tie arrived

It was the first time that Javier Aguirre He was against the Mexican team. On that occasion, given the need for results so as not to be left out of the World Cup, the ‘Vasco’ was based on players who were active in Pachuca, a team with which he had been champion in 1999, in addition to Cruz Azul, a team that reached the final of the Copa Libertadores 2001. Of the last call he presented for the tie, which was 18 footballers, 13 managed to sneak into the final list before Claudio Suárez was dropped due to injury.

Those who remained for the final list: Oscar Pérez, Melvin Brown, Manuel Vidrio, Gerardo Torrado, Johan Rodríguez, Alberto García Aspe, Rafael García, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Francisco Palencia, Alberto Rodríguez, Sigifredo Mercado, Oswaldo Sánchez and Ramón Morales.

The sacrificed: Claudio Suárez (Injury), Javier Saavedra, Cesáreo Victorino, Antonio de Nigris and Zague.

Those who joined: Francisco Gabriel de Anda, Rafael Márquez, Jared Borgetti, Braulio Luna, Germán Villa, Luis Hernández, Salvador Carmona, Gabriel Caballero, Jesús Arellano and Jorge Campos.

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