F1 live: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Formula 1 car race live

Formula 1 live: follow Checo Prez at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Lap 50/50 | The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be defined on the last lap… Verstappen has the advantage, but Leclerc has the DRS in the final stretch… MAX VERSTAPPEN WINS THE SAUDI ARABIAN GRAND PRIX.

Lap 49/50 | Yellow flag caused by a touch between Albon and Stroll. We are going to the last lap of the race.

Lap 49/50 | In this lap, Max Verstappen has taken the lap record from Checo Prez.

Lap 48/50 | Checo Pérez continues with the fast lap trying to reduce the advantage that Carlos Sainz has over the Mexican

Lap 47/50 | The chase continues. Verstappen is the new leader with three and a half laps to go in the race. Great move, he came over and took her out with the DRS.

Lap 46/50 | Verstappen is told to think where to make a new attack on Leclerc. Bahrin’s history is repeating itself.

Lap 44/50 | A long block from Max Verstappen gave Charles Leclerc the lead to regain first place at the Saudi Arabian GP.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Lap 43/50 | Verstappen beat Leclerc before the DRS zone, where the Monegasque driver regained the place of honor against the Dutchman.

Lap 42/50 | Leclerc takes a tenth from him, which becomes three and then two from Max Verstappen. We have a fight for first place!

Lap 41/50 | The Virtual Safety Car is over. Hamilton will enter the pits, we’ll see if Checo Prez does too.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Turn 40/50 | Unable to pit due to abandoned cars running out of power very close to the pits.


Alonso and Ricciardo run out of power, but the entrance to the pits is suspended. Hamilton needed new tires, but he is not going to be able to change them.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Lap 38/50 | Everything is happening. Ricciardo is also out of the race. And after a pit stop, Bottas also leaves the race.

Lap 37/50 | Oops, after winning the position from Magnussen, Fernando Alonso loses the engine and confirms his abandonment.

Lap 36/50 | Great maneuver by Fernando Alonso to take seventh place from Kevin Magnussen.

Lap 35/50 | Indeed. The top four finishes are the same ones we saw at the Bahren Grand Prix for much of the race (until Red Bull started having problems with their engines).

Lap 33/50 | They ask Verstappen not to push so hard, to make Leclerc wear his tires.

Round 31/50 | There are not so many movements on the track anymore. Leclerc remains in the lead, followed by Verstappen, Sainz and Checo Prez.

Lap 30/50 | Leclerce leads Verstappen by 1.4 seconds. In that sense, the FIA ​​says that the incident between Checo and Sainz does not need further investigation.

Lap 28/50 | Eye, we hope it is something good for Checo Prez, because Carlos Sainz points out that he has problems with the changes. Let’s see if in the future of the race he can benefit the Mexican driver.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Lap 25/50 | Checo Prez is still unable to place himself in the DRS zone with Carlos Sainz Jr. It will be very difficult for the Mexican to recover podium positions. We will see.

Lap 23/50 | Very bad luck for the Mexican pilot. Checo Prez is four seconds behind the lead. You should get close to Sainz as quickly as possible.

Lap 21/50 | This was what happened when Checo Prez lost the lead.

Lap 21/50 | Race restarted. Checo is in fourth place by giving the place to Sainz to avoid a possible sanction. The Mexican is now off the podium.


Lap 20/50 | Carlos Sainz wants to restart the race ahead of Checo Prez. He asks that the decision be made quickly. If not, it would seem that Checo could have a sanction.

Lap 19/50 | Another bad for Checo Prez. The stewards have noted a possible penalty for having passed Sainz during the safety car. We will see if the Mexican returns the position to the Spanish.

Lap 19/50 | Nicholas Latifi’s car is removed with a huge tow truck. The crash of the Williams driver led to the entry of the Safety Car

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Lap 18/50 | Let’s try to explain what happened. According to what was seen on the broadcast, Leclerc and Ferrari were going to enter the pits to overtake Checo. Red Bull called Prez to do the same, but Ferrari no longer entered. He kept the first position and they entered the pits for free thanks to the Safety Car caused by Latifi’s blow. As we said now they go: Leclerc, Verstappen and Checo.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Lap 17/50 | Bad strategy… bad decision. Everything goes wrong for Red Bull. They left with the deception of Ferrari and then a crash by Latifi allowed Leclerc to keep the lead. Checo is now in third position.

Lap 16/50 | Uuuuuuuy Checo loses the first position. It seems that they left with the feint of a change of tires from Ferrari.

Lap 15/50 | Checo Pérez begins to report that he has degradation in the right front wheel. Leclerc has closed to 2.1 – 2.2 seconds.

Lap 13/50 | They tell Ocon to hold his ground and stop fighting Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard lost many seconds to Russell and they let Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas close in on them.

Lap 11/50 | 2.6 seconds ahead of Checo Prez over Charles Leclerc!

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Lap 10/50 | So was the start of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Checo Pérez is still in the lead with more than 2 seconds ahead of Leclerc!

Lap 9/50 | This fight between ‘friends’ can be used by Valtteri Bottas. In fact, Kevin Magnussen himself can also take advantage. Everyone is fighting for sixth place.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Lap 8/50 | Great duel between teammates. Fernando Alonso wants to steal the position from Esteban Ocon who won’t let himself, but, the reality is that the former world champion has more pace and speed than the Frenchman.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Lap 7/50 | Checo Prez is still the leader of the race and has put himself 2.3 seconds behind Charles Leclerc and 3.6 seconds behind Verstappen.

Lap 6/50 | Zhou has some problems with his car. At the start he was the driver who lost the most positions, while in the race it seems that he was not able to brake well

Lap 4/50 | Lewis Hamilton begins to complain about not having grip. The reality is that one of those causes is due to the hard tire that he has on at the moment. By the way, Checo Prez set a lap record.

Lap 3/50 | One of the ‘culprits’ that Sainz lost the position was his own teammate Charles Leclerc because he locked him up and allowed Verstappen to pass him inside

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

Lap 2/50 | Checo at the start went directly to cover the space that Charles Leclerc could occupy. For his part, Max Verstappen slipped in between the two Ferraris with great luck.

Turn 1/50 | Czech remains in the first position. Verstappen won the position from Carlos Sainz Jr, while also Lewis Hamilton has already won a position as well.



11:02 | He turns around in formation… Checo Prez is already in first position on the grid.

11:01 | The strategies for today’s race are two laps with a somewhat bumpy race and one if the race has no fuss or setbacks.

10:58 | We are a few, very few minutes from the start. You already know that the formation lap comes first!

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, live F-car race

10:50 | Of the 20 drivers in the top category, only 19 will compete in this Saudi Arabian Grand Prix before Mick Schumacher was dropped. Also, the last place will be Yuki Tsunoda, who had a problem with his engine…FROM RED BULL. Eye.

10:45 | The Ceremony Before the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia begins. The track has already been lit up and the night already awaits the drivers who are looking to compete and win this race.

10:41 | Checo is already walking towards his RB18 located in the first place of the starting grid of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. In the previous interviews, the spirit of the Mexican pilot was noticeable.

10:37 | I leave here the repetition of the lap that earned Sergio Prez the Pole Position of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The Mexican team and Checo Prez look for a perfect Sunday for Mexico

10:32 | Mexican sport could have a perfect Sunday thanks to Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez and the Mexican soccer team. This March 27 both the Red Bull driver and the Tricolor will seek to raise the name of Mexico around the world. The first look for your third victory in F1 after getting his first pole position. In the case of the Aztec soccer players they will want sign your ticket to the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Lewis Hamilton: “I don’t expect to make much progress, although I’ll give it my all”

10:25 | Hamilton giving up? After failing to advance to Q2, Lewis Hamilton surprises us with this statement. Not much progress? Be real or do you want to mislead us? Read it here.

10:20 | Checo Prez’s smile says it all. The Defense Minister did it again. He is the first Mexican to get a pole position in Formula!

10:15 | Also in yesterday’s qualifying, it was an accidentin which the son of the motoring legend was involved, Mike Schumacher. Fortunately, the Haas pilot is now out of the hospital and is located on the Jeddah track.

10:10 | By the way, for all of the above, the starting grid for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was defined like this.

10:06 | What happened in the classification? Well, I just tell you what it was HISTORICAL. Checo Prez made a perfect lap in his last attempt to beat Charles Leclerc’s time and claim his first career pole position.

Where to watch the F1 race live?

10:02 | The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Race can be seen on Fox Sports and on the Formula 1 app (F1TV).

What time does the formula 1 race start?

10:00 | The race will start at 11:00 in Mexico, 12:00 in Colombia and 14:00 in Argentina.

Friends of BRAND Claro! It is Formula 1 Sunday and today more than ever we are waiting for what our Czech Prez that yesterday he got his first pole position in his carrer. This ensures that you start in the first position so that from the beginning you will have a strategy to win the race. This is the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and I am Gael González who will have the pleasure of bringing you everything that happens at the Jeddah Circuit. Are you ready? Because I know, so WE STARTED.


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