This would be the Audi pick-up, sister of VW Amarok and Ford Ranger

One of the novelties of last week was the possibility that Audi will present a medium pick-up in the near future. The statements of the CEO of the brand with the four rings caused worldwide repercussions.

Although he did not confirm the launch, estimated that in the short or medium term there could be an eventual concept that leads to a stock truck. The Volkswagen group has different platforms, but so far it is not known which one will be chosen.

Most striking was the possibility that this Unpublished pick-up shares a platform with the new generation of Amarok and if so, it would be the same as that of his first cousin… next Ford Ranger to be produced in Argentina from 2023.

Volkswagen Amarok

It is important to remember that the future Amarok (already seen in images) will be manufactured in South Africawhile hehe current edition will continue to be produced in Argentina. Even so, Investments for the Pacheco plant are expected in the near future.

The future pick-up of the Wolfsburg firm was also going to be produced from the outset together with Ranger, but finally the project was withdrawn and only advanced the plan by Ford.

At the same time, in the case of not being a derivative of the Ford platform, the Audi pick-up could use the MEB (if so it would be electric) or the unprecedented base of Porsche. Be that as it may, it will be the second premium truck in recent years, since the first was the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, a model that was going to be produced in Argentina and the project was finally reversed after its failure in Europe. Next, See what the design would look like according to KDesign.

Audi pick-up

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