Argentina easily beats Venezuela; Messi scored a goal

Argentina dominated, took the reins of the game and despite the fact that the score does not reflect it, they totally dominated Venezuela. The ‘Albiceleste‘ continues with a firm step towards Qatar 2022 and they took another victory within the playoffs from Conmebol Course to Qatar 2022.

Lionel Messi wins his seventh Ballon d’Or

Venezuela did what he could, ‘locked in’ to his area, searched for a bug Argentina but in the end their rival was more decisive and with a couple of goals they got the 3 units from The Bombonera.

The Argentine goal reached the minute 35 after a great collective play. They made a good number of passes, recovered the ball after a rebound, Rodrigo dePaul command a precise center for Nicholas Gonzalez and this player only had to push the ball, so it would be 1-0.

The actions continued and Venezuela would collapse in the second part, near the end. To the minute 79 of the game Angel Di Maria would do the second, because after entering the field at minute 70would give definitive course with the 2-0.

The ‘churro’ that Messi scored against Venezuela

Finally and blowing up The Bombonera, Lionel Messi would mark the 3-0because it connected in a great way with Say Mariagiving a pass to the right wing, he returned it, ‘Lio’ hit him somewhat bruised but beat Farinez. Victory of the ‘Albiceleste‘.

Coverage of Argentina vs. Venezuela

On Conmebol duels are about to close playoffs Course to Qatar 2022where one of the most attractive encounters, by the figures of the Albicelesteis he Argentina vs Venezuelacorresponding to the Matchday 17.

It is important to remember that Argentina already qualified Qatar 2022because with their 35 units they have had their ticket insured for a few days; Venezuela for his part is last in Conmebolsince he only added 10 points and is eliminated.

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Lautaro celebrates Argentina's goal

That goal from Leo Messi is he number 81 wearing the shirt of the ‘Albiceleste’, where his numbers are still record. He also wears 47 assists in a total of 159 games.

Statistics Argentina vs. Venezuela | CONMEBOL qualifiers

When and where do Argentina vs Venezuela play?

The eliminatory duel between the Albiceleste and the Red wine will take place this Friday, March 25 at the 5:30 p.m.where there is nothing at stake but the two teams will play looking to close this phase in the best way.

The candy box will open its doors for this meeting that paints to be interesting, because Argentina is commanded by Leo Messiwho has an ‘pending debt’ with the fans after his losing streak in the PSG.

Argentina vs. Venezuela | Previous

The Argentine team arrives with a very good streak to this meeting, because of their last 6 games has won 5 and they tied one, so the most ‘normal’ thing would be for them to come out with points from home today.

Venezuela, for its part, has a string of negative results, since fell in 4 of their last 5 games playoff, so it is reason enough to know why they were left out of Qatar 2022.

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