Italy will not be in Qatar 2022; Portugal, Wales and Sweden are one step away

There is no World Cup for Italy, European champion less than a year ago. Their third loss in 44 games since his absence at Russia 2018 kept them from a place at Qatar 2022

In the 92nd minute in Palermo, on his second shot of the entire match, with a phenomenal far-reaching right foot from TrajkovskyNorth Macedonia expelled Italy from the route to the Qatar 2022 World Cup (0-1), in a thunderous blow from the ‘Azzurra’, for the second time in a row out of the tournament of tournaments, in contrast to Gareth’s display Bale with Wales (2-1), Portugal’s victory, frightened, but victorious 3-1 against Turkey, and Sweden’s triumph against the Czech Republic in extra time (1-0).

Four times champion of the planet, the most recent in 2006, Italy did not participate in Russia in 2018 nor will it in Qatar in 2022. Never in its history was it left out of two consecutive World Cups. Moreover, in its entire history, it had only played two World Cups before 2018. A fact that gives the dimension of the fiasco of the Italian team, whose offensive crashed again and again with the Macedonian resistance, which, suddenly, without intuiting it , ‘dribbled’ into extra time, with Trajkovski’s whiplash ruining Italy and sparking Macedonia’s feat as the match invariably headed for extra time.

The goal, next to the post, incontestable, was celebrated by the whole team on the pitch, aware of the historic feat that this entails, between the gesture of incredulity by Roberto Mancini, the Italy coach, and his entire team, with some of his players knocked out on the field by an unthinkable but devastating 0-1. “It’s hard to explain, there is a big disappointment, we are devastated,” admitted Giorgio Chiellini.

There is no World Cup for Italy, European champion less than a year ago. His third loss in 44 games since his absence at Russia 2018 took him away from a place where he should always be and where they already have a secure place Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Croatia, England, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan and Qatarthe latter as the host of the competition that will begin on November 21 this year.

North Macedonia challenge now to Portugal on Portuguese land. In the warmth of his audience at Do Dragao, Cristiano and his teammates beat Turkey (2-1). They only needed 41 minutes to impose the predictions, although they later suffered to keep their victory.

The 2-0 then was an undoubted demonstration of the Portuguese team, without Joao Félix -substitute no matter how splendid his current moment at Atlético de Madrid is, then he came on in the 71st minute- and with Cristiano Ronaldo, although his team did not require the goals of his star to bring down his opponent with a speed that was finally more apparent than anything else.

Because, although after a quarter of an hour a shot at the post by Bernardo Silva opened the route for 1-0 to Otavio, he was quick to reach the rejection of the post and transform it into much more, and an accurate header by Diogo Jota seemed to suffocate the reaction of his rival and sentence the game in the 41st minute, Turkey rebelled against such a difference with Burak Yilmaz’s 2-1 that sustained the emotion and put Cristiano Ronaldo’s block against the ropes to such an extent that the Turkish striker had a penalty in the 85 to force overtime. He threw it into the clouds. And all of Portugal breathed a sigh of relief, even more so with Matheus’s 3-1 in added time.


Endowed with indisputable quality, when Gareth Bale plays with his national team is an undisputed leader for Welshwho resolved this Thursday his duel against Austria with a magnificent ‘double’ of his star, heading to one of the three finals of the European playoffs for the World Cup 2022against the winner of Scotland-Ukraine postponed due to the Russian invasion and pending date.

bale He has played the same games this season for his country (five out of a possible eight) as with the Real Madrid (five out of 40 possible). Just four days after being unavailable for a match of the dimension of the ‘clasico’ between his team and the Barcelonathe attacker reappeared with Welsh. Wearing the red shirt of his country, he is another footballer, a player who makes a difference, gets involved, plays, acts as a leader and discovers all of his football.

There has never been any doubt about his talent, his accuracy, his skill or his ability. If you add it to the commitment that he maintains unalterable with his national team (much more doubtful with his club, the Real Madrid) an imposing version of bale, determined to lead his team to a World Cup 64 years later. Since 1958, Welsh does not compete in a final phase. The great goal with which he scored the 1-0 expresses the contradictions of his career, today a minor player, insubstantial, in his club, but a definitive footballer for Welsh football.

He bent to Austria. In the 25th minute, the direct free kick of 1-0 represented perfection, for striking, for power, for direction, for any quality that such a shot implies. A tremendous goal with his left foot that no one would have achieved, not even the best of goalkeepers. To the same squad, and perhaps to the World Cup, still pending to overcome Scotland or Ukrainedepending on who wins who in their postponed meeting.

did not stay there balewho increased the difference at the beginning of the second half, in a center that did not appear to be at all, until, suddenly, the ’11’ tamed the ball with his right foot to immediately connect a left-footed cross that surprised almost everyone, except him, so convinced when he plays with his team, and his teammates, so used to contemplating the best current repertoire of the footballer. Austria he scored the 2-1 with 25 minutes remaining. It did not go further. It was not enough.

balewhich ended with some discomfort, still needs another victory to be in the 2022 World Cuplike Robert Lewandowski and Poland. Direct to the final at home, by the exclusion of Russia for his invasion of Ukrainethis Thursday he met his rival: Sweden. And with the added advantage of the burden of extra time that he had to play to beat the Czech Republic (1-0), to which the referee annulled a goal at the beginning of the match.

Afterwards, the duel lasted until two hours into the match. From minute 109 he won Sweden, who connected with the goal to take course to his final. The goal was Quaison, who combined on a wall with Alexander Isak to overwhelm the defense of the Czech Republic. next tuesday awaits Poland. And the world?.

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