FIFA waiting for the reports where the homophobic cry was recorded

An investigation will be carried out to analyze whether it is necessary for the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to initiate a procedure against the Mexican Soccer Federation after the homophobic cry that was recorded in the match between Mexico and the United States

In the FIFA They are waiting for the reports of the match between Mexico and United States, which was played in Aztec stadiumand in which the homophobic cry was heard again, which is sanctioned by the highest authority in soccer worldwide.

According to sources, the reports are awaited and an investigation will be carried out to analyze whether it is necessary for the FIFA Disciplinary Committee initiate a procedure against the Mexican Football Federation.

The Mexican Soccer Federationfor its part, documented all the actions that were carried out during the match, in addition to having video evidence of the people who left the building for insisting on the homophobic cry.

The homophobic cry was recorded at the Azteca Stadium in stoppage time, when the United States goalkeeper, Zack Steffen, cleared. This caused movement in the stands, which led to the removal of fans from the building, for insisting on inappropriate behavior.

Furthermore, weeks before, the Mexican Soccer Federation launched campaigns against the homophobic cry and limited the sale to 50 percent of the capacity of the Aztec stadium in their most important game of the World Cup cycle. A system was also implemented to identify fans entering the stadium, FAN-ID, although he had problems in his first test. It is ensured that work is already being done so that errors are not repeated in the game against The Savior.

The FIFA had already sanctioned Mexico with two games behind closed doors, against Panama and Costa Ricabut the punishment could be provisionally counteracted, because the FMF resorted to Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and a precautionary measure was obtained to postpone the sanction, or render it invalid in the event of winning the case in court, in the coming weeks.

On social media, fans of the Tricolor called for them to make the homophobic cry, as a protest against some actions carried out by the Mexican Soccer Federation, that affect Mexican football.

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