Urges Preventive Medicine to vaccinate against tuberculosis – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The subdirectorate of State Preventive Medicine reported that every year, 20 to 30 cases of tuberculosis are registered in children under five years of age, and this age group represents about 4 percent of all cases.

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In 2021, 1 case was registered in children under one year of age; 15 cases in the ages of 1 to 4 years; 3 cases from 5 to 9 years old and 11 cases in the group from 10 to 14 years old.

Therefore, children up to 4 years, 11 months and 29 days of age are encouraged to take the BCG vaccine, which is available at State Health Centers.

It was reported that tuberculosis is a disease that mostly affects the respiratory system and if it is not treated in a timely manner it can lead to the death of those who suffer from it.

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In the presence of symptoms in minors that may be similar to other diseases, cases with cough with or without phlegm for two or more weeks, fever, night sweats, the presence of detention or decreased levels of weight.

The minor’s history of exposure to an adult who has a chronic cough or who has previously been diagnosed with tuberculosis should also be considered.

As part of the prevention actions for this disease, breastfeeding, adequate nutrition and BCG vaccination are recommended for newborns or within the first five years of life.

Therefore, you are invited to go to health centers with the National Health Card to apply this biological, which protects against serious forms of tuberculosis.

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